A podcast that’s like a prospectus but not written by old people who went to Oxbridge in 1823.

‘How To Fail Your Degree’ is hosted by Manchester Met students who share their uncensored university experience and practical advice so you won’t make the same mistakes they did.

Each episode covers a topic which can cause endless worries for students, like making friends, surviving shared accommodation and how to feed yourself. Listen now wherever you get your podcasts.


Season 1

Hosted by third year Leah and Abi, they’re best friends who met on day 1 of uni when they moved into halls together – and they’ve been through it all.

The first season focuses on your first few months of university – things like the struggles of money and student loans, drinking culture at university and how university can affect your mental health and how to prepare for it.

Leah and Abi’s season is perfect if you’re a first year, looking to go to university soon or if you’re an experienced veteran of uni life and want to laugh about the chaos of it all.


Season 2

Hosted by Manchester Met newbies Will and Romana, they had never met each other before this podcast and have pretty different perspectives.

The second season covers how to be sustainable at university, feeling safe on nights out and how to feed yourself successfully (harder than it seems according to our instastats).

This series is great if you’re already at uni but are still figuring some things out (spoiler: we all are).