Advice Centre operating a remote service

Following government guidelines regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Advice Centre will continue to support students throughout this period through email advice and a telephone call back service. However, the Advice Centre is currently closed for face-to-face meetings.



How to get in touch with the Advice Centre

If you would like a call back from us, please ring 0161 247 6533 and leave a voicemail. An adviser will check the voicemails and aim to call you back within 2 working days. It’s likely that we will call you back sooner, so ensure that you have your telephone nearby.

*Check the Coronavirus update page for most up to date times

Latest opening times





Exceptional factors and Coronavirus

If you are emailing regarding exceptional factors relating to Coronavirus, the University will be updating the EF website on what steps to take, so please keep checking it The University sees Exceptional Factors as being for unexpected situations only. Longer-term issues or issues which may continue to affect you may also need to be supported through other routes.



If you are struggling with stress and anxiety related to the assignments, you may want to talk with:

+ The Wellbeing Advisers –
+ The Academic and Study Skills Tutors – they can help with academic skills (paraphrasing, referencing, planning etc.) as well as more general skills like Time Management –




If you are having mental health difficulties, you may wish to contact:

+ University services – the university’s three-question Get Support site can help to identify which service may be in the best position to support you -
+ The Wellbeing Advisers –
+ The Counselling Service – These work closely with the Wellbeing Advisers and either service can assess which team would be most helpful for your needs –
+ Your GP




If you have a disability or long-term health condition, you may want to speak with:

+ The Disability Service about a Personal Learning Plan – more information




Exceptional Factors

If Exceptional Factors are accepted, they can do one of three things:

+ Lift the cap on a piece of work submitted in line with the Late Submission Policy (this allows you to submit work up to five days late for a 40% cap on the piece of work)
+ Approve a short extension (usually a maximum of about two weeks). Usually only one extension can be granted – this is to allow the work to be considered and moderated alongside the rest of your year group and feedback to be given only after all work is submitted.
+ Allow a deferral of the work. This means that you would get the chance to re-submit the work in the Summer. This may be a different piece of work (but will be the same type – i.e. an essay will still be an essay).


Benefits for students


Unfortunately, most students are excluded from claiming benefits. This means that, even if you have lost your job:

• You cannot claim Universal Credit and therefore;
• You should not claim the Universal Credit Advance Payment – it will become a debt you are expected to repay. 

Similarly, Legacy Benefits (such as Housing Benefit) cannot be claimed by most students and they cannot accept new claims anyway.
Students are able to claim Statutory Sick Pay, but you do need to have at least £118/week “normal earnings” - This is calculated as an average or recent pay, not based on your contract. You must also be employed rather than self-employed.

We expect that your employer would be able to take advantage of new rules (“furloughing rules”) where the government will pay 80% of the worker’s salary while they are unable to work because the employer is closed or reduced.


Lone Parents

Lone parents are able to claim Universal Credit (including an amount to help with Rent). If you are already on legacy benefits (Child Tax Credit and Housing Benefit) please speak to The Advice Centre before starting any switch.


Both Students

You will only be able to claim Universal Credit if you have care of a Child. If you are currently on Legacy Benefits (Housing Benefit and Child Tax Credit), please speak to the Advice Centre before starting any switch.

Only one is a student

The non-student can claim for you as a couple. If you already get benefits, please speak to The Advice Centre before making any changes.


Students with DLA/PIP

You can only claim Universal Credit if you also have Limited Capability for Work. Unfortunately, there is no easy route to be assessed for this in normal circumstances however, people who are infected or in self-isolation (i.e. have symptoms or live with someone who has) may automatically qualify. Current guidance is unclear on whether those who are classed as vulnerable will also be granted Limited Capability for Work automatically. If you are already claiming Housing Benefit, please speak to The Advice Centre before starting any switch.

Students who are suspended

if you have suspended your studies you generally still count as a Full Time Student and cannot claim Universal Credits.

If you suspended due to health or caring responsibilities and those responsibilities have come to an end, you can claim Universal Credit for upto twelve months while you wait for your course to start again.

Please speak to The Advice Centre about this. We hope that you’re keeping safe. We’re here for you if you need any advice.