I don’t have enough money. Does MMU offer any extra funding I can apply for?


MMU has several support funds that you may be eligible to apply for. These include the Day to Day Support Fund, Bridging Loans and Crisis Support. The best fund to apply for will depend on your situation and why you need the money. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss your situation. An Adviser can assess whether you may be eligible for an award, which support fund is most appropriate, and we can also help you with an application.


I get no financial help from my family. Is there any extra money that I can get because of this?


It depends on your situation. MMU offers a Care Leavers bursary and an Estranged Students bursary that are available to MMU students who meet very strict criteria. Read about support bursaries on the university website or contact the Advice Centre for more information. Even if you don’t meet this criteria, it may still be worth applying to the Day to Day Support Fund for financial help.


I need an Educational Psychology Assessment (EPA) to get support for my learning disability, but I have to pay £100 towards the cost. I can’t afford this, is there any help available?


Possibly. If you can’t afford the £100 contribution towards your EPA you should get in touch with the MMU Student Financial Support team to see whether they can offer any help. They will discuss your options and advise you of any financial support available. Get in touch by phoning them on 0161 247 1045.


Can I get any extra financial help, such as benefits, to help cover my living costs?


You can receive extra financial help if the following applies:

  • You are a part-time student
  • You have children
  • You are sick or disabled
  • You are over pension age

If you think you may be entitled for other reasons then please reach out to our Advice Team for some support.


Is there any funding outside of MMU that I can apply for?


There are some educational trusts and charities that you can apply to for extra help. The process can be time-consuming and slow, and a typical award is only a small amount such as a few hundred pounds. However, we know that some MMU students have made successful applications. Usually the charities and trusts will only be able to help specific groups. For example, they may only be available to students on certain courses or to students who live in a particular area. For details of the charities and trusts that you can apply to, see our Funding booklet.