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Lily Smith

Thursday 09-11-2017 - 16:13

About me:

  • I’ve been at Man Met since 2012 and I studied Chemistry as an undergrad.
  • I am currently the elected Community Officer at The Union.
  • I’ve been involved with sports and societies during my time at university and was the chair of the Gaming Society for 2 years.
  • I’ve worked on creating safe spaces and inclusively within the union.
  • I’m passionate about student’s welfare, in particularly mental health, having faced the challenges of dealing with mental health problems and studying.
  • Why I am running? I want to improve the quality of student’s time at university. I want their voices to be heard, not just to union and university staff. But on a national level.


Key Campaign Priorities:

Mental Health:

 With 1 in 4 students suffering from mental health problems within their time at university, I believe universities should be doing more to support these students. With long waiting times to be seen, unsatisfactory levels of service and not being able to provide important counselling services such as CBT. These services need to be rapidly improved.

 I also want the NUS to be challenging the government to create policy and provisions specifically for student’s mental health, as this is a huge national issue.

Improving Education:

Another priority for me is improving education standards for students, so they can get the most out of their education. By standardising teaching quality throughout campus. Being able to hold lectures accountable for not putting resources they need online, not upholding promised and not replying to emails.

Improving university facilities and resources. With better equipment, that is need for studies, I know as a science student we could use with more equipment in labs. More computers and text in the library and free printing. Deadline time is stressful enough without struggling to find a computer to work on and the text book you need and then having to fork out the money to actually hand it in.

 Student housing:

University is getting more and more expensive for students, especially with cuts to grants. One of the biggest costs is accommodation, with prices starting from well over £100 per week now. More should be done to bring these costs down and support students who can’t afford these extortionate prices. Another issue with being a student looking for accommodation is a lot of companies will abuse the fact that people are students, with extra charges and poor upkeep of housing. I believe the university should invest time in producing a list of recommend private agencies for students to use.

Students Safety:

Many students fall victim to crime during their time at university, especially in bigger cities like Manchester. I believe more should be done to protect students, with better campus security, a focus on heavily populated student areas such as Fallowfield, guidance and support for those who fall victim to crime readily available.

Why vote for me?

  • I want to hear how I can make your experience at university better.
  • I want to represent your views not just to the student union and university, but on a national level.
  • I care and I am passionate about student welfare.
  • I am hard working and will use this opportunity to help as many students as I can.
  • A vote for me is a vote for you to be heard!



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