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The best vintage shops in Manchester

Tuesday 25-06-2019 - 12:54

Manchester is a treasure trove for vintage shoppers — whether you’re bargain hunting, a sustainability pioneer or looking for something one-of-a-kind, there’s an eclectic mix of styles at your fingertips in the city. 

Retro rehab 
This place really lives up to its name. It’s all about the retro vibe so if you want to dress like the era you belong in, you’ll find some gorgeous pieces in here. It’s all genuine vintage, quality and although it’s not the cheapest, it’s pretty affordable. The window mannequins are always absolute goals, so it’s hard not to get enticed through the doors. 



Afflecks Palace
Have you even been to Manchester if you’ve not been in Afflecks and posted on Instagram about it? This shop is iconic and contains a smorgasbord of styles inside. Set aside some significant time to explore this place, it’s an absolute maze — but you’re guaranteed to find something truly unique. 



Sue Ryder Didsbury 
If you want to chance your arm for a fancy bargain, it’s local folklore that you can pick up some really high-end pieces for next-to-nothing at this little Didsbury gem. It’s potluck and a pretty small store, but when you win in here, you really win. It’s also a chance to get out of the city and explore Didsbury. 


Right in the heart of the Northern Quarter (and it’s possibly the actual site where hipsters are born), this is the go-to place if you’re trying to get the classic ‘Manchester student’ or ‘90s throwback’ look. You can find some really classic pieces in here, and you can walk away with a steal of a bargain during sale time. 



Oxfam Originals 
This is another iconic store in city center. It’s definitely not what comes to mind when you think of an ‘Oxfam Shop’. It’s known for having collections of the best vintage and has more of a boutique feel. It’s stock is always in good condition and there’s always a lot of it, so you never come away thinking choice was thin on the ground.





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