Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union

Festival Programme






LGBT Panel Discussion

Panel discussion for a Q&A on how LGBT rights are viewed within our communities now and how they have evolved over time. We will address progress made and challenges we may still face. Panel members will include: Andy Harmon (wellbeing officer), Adam Scott (University Chaplain and chartered psychologist), Pura Ariza (North West Officer for Equality(LGBT) for UCU and lecturer in the faculty of education) and a representative from LGSM.

Sophie Lancaster Foundation Documentary and Speaker

Black Roses 'The Sophie Lancaster foundation'. - Poems and remembrance of Sophie Lancaster (26 November 1986-24 August 2007), who was kicked to death for being a goth.

Faith Leaders Panel Discussion

Panel discussion with representatives from TellMAMA, our Islamic society, Faith Leaders from Manchester and our Muslim chaplain to discuss Islamophobia in the current climate and hate crime that can stem from this.

Pride Film Screening

U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984.

LGBT Center Youth Group Session

 Youth group session held at the festival with Director General of the Independent Office for Police Conduct around increasing their trust and confidence in the police complaints system. Exhibition includes: canvases made during Pride, series of full height portraits of LGBT centre-users, Short videos, performance.

Girl Gang Workshop

A workshop on the feminist activists of today. 


Defiant Lives with Introduction from DPAC

 The rise of the disability rights movement in the United States, Britain and Australia, with an introduction from a representative from Disabled People Against Cuts.


The autobiographical tale of Marjane Satrapi, sharing her experiences as a young girl coming-of-age in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. It is through the eyes of this precocious and outspoken nine year old that we see a peoples' hopes dashed as fundamentalists take power.




Student Art

Artist: Bea Donnerstag

1. What are you talking about I don’t even have a face – Drawing
2. A Self Portrait of Psychosis – acrylic painting
3. Dissociation – acrylic painting

Artworks to convey experiences of psychosis


Artist: Bella Watson


The Exposure film is an animated documentary exploring the normalisation of taking drugs against young people. It is a film under four minutes that was cut down from nine hours’ worth of interviews. The zine aims to represent some of the opinions that did not make it into the final film.


Artist: Halima Mohamud

Illumination - Freedom of Expression

Series of photographs titled ‘Illumination’

Artist: Iffath Ahmed

Be, and it is
1. second thoughts
2. the sounds of survival
3. december blues

كُن فَيَكون
kun fa-yakūn
‘Be!’, and it is
al-Baqarah, the Qur’an [2:117]

a guide on discovering what you ache for, for when you ‘don’t quite belong’, which hopes to inspire readers to find their own peace in an ocean of hostility, through the writer’s own portraits and streams of consciousness. consider this a sign.


Artist: Ines Reis (fest. Bismark Hamsik)

Our one and only, Manchester

And you? How do you feel the city you pass by every day? A personal perspective of feelings around the beautiful and multicultural Manchester captured by a random Portuguese girl with a camera. She then wrote a poem about it and met a Brazilian guy who made her the best background beat ever! #eveythingisconnected


Artist: Bailey Chappell and Lauren Perchard


Taking inspiration from Manchester’s Gay Village and The Haçienda’s “Flesh Night,” these images use portraiture to explore Manchester’s Queer nightlife as a site of escapism and sanctuary from an often alienating heteronormative culture. The title of the piece refers to a quote from former Manchester Chief Constable James Anderton, in which he described gay people as “swirling around in a human cesspit of their own making.”


Artist: Lexi Bickell

1. Soldiering
2. Sticks and Stones
3. Inward
4. Look Closer
5. Kool-Aid

A set of five ‘hatred haikus’ designed to provoke thought and discussion.


Artist: Georgiana Rowley

Heist: Film

Seven months in the making, Hestia is an emotionally powerful short crafted by three third year Filmmaking students from The Manchester School of Art. It is a story close to the writer director’s childhood, produced and designed in such fine detail and beautifully shot.

When Helen’s seventeen year old son reveals he has accidentally killed his girlfriend during an argument she is faced with an impossible moral dilemma. Despite pressures from living in a competitive middle-class society, where image is everything, she tries to do what's best for her son and lead a normal albeit isolated life.