Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union

Cheshire Awards

Where all things Cheshire are celebrated, from elections to clubs and societies, volunteering and more, with awards given to recognise individual and group achievements.

The final Cheshire Awards were held on Wednesday 15 May 2019, where the winners were revealed.


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Student's Union Colours

Exceptional Commitment to the Student Experience at MMU Cheshire

Abigail Anderson

Beth Allan

Blake Sang Joon Hong

Callum Culleton

Dan Foster

Ella Caton

Ellis Winter

Georgia Thomson

Grace Knowles

Heidi Henders

Iz Sorby

Jan Maccioni

Janay Wyard

Jessica Mallett

Megan Walton

Richard Wright

Sam Rogers

Sarah Salmon

Sukraj Shergill

Vanessa Rowan


Students' Union Special Awards

Society Personality of the Year: Chloe Carman

Most Improved Society: Pole Fitness

Society of the Year: Genesis Theatre

Cheshire Award: Heidi Henders

Best Student Led Event: Crewesical the Musical

Outstanding Voluntary Contribution: Vanessa Rowan and Abigail Anderson

Margaret Maddocks Trophy for Outstanding Club / Society Official: Niall McCann


Society Colours

Ella Caton (Arts and Crafts)

Ellis Winter (Arts and Crafts)

Sarah Salmon (Arts and Crafts)

Kayleigh Giles (Basiks)

Kirsty Dolman (Basiks)

Mara Simao (Basiks)

Jessica Hanly (Basiks)

Lauren Atkiss (Basiks)

Amanuel Abraham (Christian Union)

Blake Sang Joon Hong (Christian Union)

Susie Whiffen (Christian Union)

Amber Godwin (Genesis)

Coleen Napier (Genesis)

Elliott Mortimer (Genesis)

Ellis Winter (Genesis)

Gabrielle Benna (Genesis)

Grace Knowles (Genesis)

Harriet Carruthers (Genesis)

Jack Ward (Genesis)

Jan Maccioni (Genesis)

Janay Wyard (Genesis)

Natalie Sutcliffe (Genesis)

Sarah Salmon (Genesis)

Sukraj Shergill (Genesis)

Jacob Fletcher (Giggle Dungeon)

Lewis Givvons-Collinge (Giggle Dungeon)

Chloe Carman (MMUsical Theatre)

Ellis Winter (MMUsical Theatre)

Heidi Henders (MMUsical Theatre)

Holly Mumford (MMUsical Theatre)

Dan Foster (Plant Club)

Iz Sorby (Plant Club)

Kelsie May (Plant Club)

Keti Aspden (Plant Club)

Chloe Carman (Pole Fitness)

Ella Manning (Pole Fitness)

Georgia Thomson (Pole Fitness)

Heidi Henders (Pole Fitness)

Holly Mumford (Pole Fitness)

Lara Dobson (Pole Fitness)

Vanessa Rowan (Pole Fitness)

Wendy Paul (Pole Fitness)



Sport Colours

Exceptional Commitment to the Athletic Union

Anna Johnson

Beth Allan

Evan Miller

Frankie Harrington

Holly Bardwell

Lewis Gardner

Mark Barnett


Sport Special Awards

The Matthew Lewis-Jones Trophy for Most Improved Team / Club: Women’s Football

Team of the Year: Netball

Professor Les Burwitz Trophy for Club of the Year: Men’s Football

Sport Person of the Year: Molly Line

Sport Personality of the Year: Niall McCann


Club Colours

Aston Padley (Archery)

Clara Culshaw (Archery)

Steven Taylor (Archery)

Ellis Winter (Badminton)

Evan Miller (Basketball)

Jayden Taylor (Basketball)

Lee Haycock (Basketball)

Jan Maccioni (Boxing)

Anna Johnson (Cheerleading)

Bethany Kershaw (Cheerleading)

Niamh Hargreaves (Cheerleading)

Shannon Exley (Cheerleading)

Bethany Kershaw (Equestrian)

Abishaia Blair (Football Mens)

Ahmed Bahzad (Football Mens)

Blake Sang Joon Hong (Football Mens)

Cameron Tiler (Football Mens)

Dan Molloy (Football Mens)

Josh Craig (Football Mens)

Mark Barnett (Football Mens)

Nathan Singleton (Football Mens)

Niall McCann (Football Mens)

Reece Mohindra (Football Mens)

Beth Allan (Football Womens)

Ellese Charles (Football Womens)

Hollie Durkin (Football Womens)

Jemma Smith (Football Womens)

Jess Salameh (Football Womens)

Lauren Potter (Football Womens)

Paige Wootton (Football Womens)

Rachel Frowen (Football Womens)

Amelia Bigra (Netball)

Chrissie Langley (Netball)

Frankie Harrington (Netball)

Jessica Barnes (Netball)

Jessica Newsway (Netball)

Molly Line (Netball)

Ahmed Bahzad (Volleyball)

Blake Sang Joon Hong (Volleyball)

Callum Kirk (Volleyball)

Holly Bardwell (Volleyball)

Lewis Gardner (Volleyball)

Maša Iskra (Volleyball)

Nathan Singleton (Volleyball)

Lewis Gardner (Rugby Union Mens)

Katie Leetham (Rugby Union Womens)