Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union

Cheshire Awards past winners



Club Colours

Womens Football

Ashley Fulton

Men’s basketball

Aidan Buffey

Windsor Tan

Joash Riley


Women's Hockey

Josephine Pilkington

Marianne Hunter

EJ Macleod



Shannon O’Hara

Lizzie Murphy

Emily Thomas

Saskia Cox

Lucie Brown


Men’s Rugby

Jim Creighton

Maxwell Marrison-Clements

George Colebourne

Toby Russel-Vick

Jack Gallimore

Sam Harper


Swimming and Waterpolo

Lauren Sykes

Holly Bardwell



Zoe Dargie

Nikita Fisher



Nicholas Hind



Ana Pal

Stephen Bird



Joe Vose


Men's Football

Jack Murray

Oliver Green


Society Colours

Christian Union

Jordan Olukanmi

Lois Wooley


Genesis Theatre

Ashleigh Ralph

Josephine Pilkington

Joseph Dennis


Giggle Dungeon

Rebecca Irlam

Daniel Mee

Lewis Givvons-Collinge

Tyler Horsfield


MMUsical Theatre

Renee McCrone

Justine Mason

Elle Dunne


Pole Fitness

Harley Dennison

Leila O’Connell


Open Mic

Jordan Olukanmi


MMU Sport Colours

Aiden Buffey

Ana Pal

Ashely Fulton

Cleve Charles

Jack Gallimore

Jim Creighton

Nial McCann

Nick Hind

Toby Russel-Vick


Students’ Union Colours

Aiden Buffey

Ashleigh Ralph

Bethany Kershaw

Emily Thomas

George Colebourne

Holly Mumford

Joash Riley

Jordan Olukanmi

Joseph Dennis

Josephine Pilkington

Kimberly Archer

Louise Lyons

Mark Powell

Maxwell Marrison-Clements

Tyler Horsfield


Matthew Lewis-Jones Trophy: Most Improved Club / Team of the Year

Winner: Cheerleading


Most Improved Society of the Year Award

Winner: Basiks


Professor Les Burwitz Trophy for Club of the Year

Winner: Netball


Society of the Year Award

Winner: Genesis Theatre


Team of the Year Award

Winner: Men’s Basketball


Best Student-led Event

Winner: Crewe Paul's Drag Race


The Cheshire Award

Winner: Jordan Olukanmi 


Society Personality of the Year

Winner: Grace Knowles


Sport Personality of the Year

Winner: Kim Archer


Sports Person of the Year

Winner: Cleve Charles


Margaret Maddocks Trophy for Outstanding Club or Society Official of the Year

Winners: Max Clements and Holly Mumford


Spencer Brookes Trophy for Outstanding Voluntary Contribution to the Students Union

Winner: Jordan Olukanmi



The winners were:

Most Improved Club or Team –  Womens Volleyball 2nd

Most Improved Society – Christian Union

Club of the Year – Netball

Society of the Year – Genesis Theatre

Team of the Year – Womens Hockey 1st

Best Student-led Event of the Year – Blind Date (Men’s Football)

Community Award – Poetry In Motion

Society Personality of the Year – Daniel Mee

Sports Personality of the Year – Andy Young

Sports Person of the Year – EJ Macleod

Outstanding Club or Society Official of the Year – Shannon Weekes (Genesis Theatre) and David Johnson (Men's Football)

Outstanding Voluntary Contribution to The Union – Lucie Brown