Although our finance office is currently not accessible through The Union building during the national restrictions, we are still available to help you online.


In addition bus tickets are also available online throughout this period. These are available through emailing us or on your MET card.


You can buy tickets for the following bus services: Stagecoach, Go North West and First Bus.



Buy a Bus Ticket

* Tickets are available for the Manchester area only



Can I come to Finance with Metcard issues?


Students often come to Union Finance to discuss Metcard issues but unfortunately we don’t have any control over the administration of Metcards. Instead, you are better off going to the MMU Metcard team.


What is the difference between Union Finance and the university's finance office?


Students often get confused between the two and can come to us with personal finance issues. If you need support with accessing student grants (organised by the university's finance dept) or with budgeting advice then we suggest you get in touch with Advice at The Union. Our department can help with processing finance forms relating to your society or club, The Union student staff wage queries and any in house costs related to The Union.


I am struggling with debt and need financial advice


Our department doesn't specialise in financial advice, we can instead refer you to the Advice Centre who can help with issues regarding debt, funding, budgeting and general money concerns.


I am student staff and have issues with my payslip


Student staff can contact if they have any queries with wages or payslips (The Union MMU student staff only). If you work for Jobs4Students that’s actually MMU Payroll - so please contact instead.


Can you help with society and club's membership, products and events?


Normally we would suggest you contact the Opportunities department, however since coronavirus we have been helping out with this online. However, any credit/debit card payments can be made directly by you online through our website.


I am having issues with my society invoices and payments


Please contact the Opportunities team directly via email.