Ancient History and Classics Society

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Why did the Greeks say they hated music? They were all Lyres...

We are the  Ancient History & Classics Society. Firstly, for all you Freshers welcome to MMU, we know you're going to love everything that the 'Uni' lifestyle has to offer.

This Society came about from the need to expand the Greek Club as it enjoyed massive success.  Learning an ancient language is vital for anyone who wishes to persue studying Classics.

But be warned, it isn't any normal language club, there are naughty words (the Greeks not ours... honest), hilarious translations, and lots of chocolate.

This year we want to offer students more than just Greek Club.

The Society membership fee (£5 is only two beers worth of student loan!) will be covering the textbook fees so this really is the only time you are ever going to be offered the opportunity to learn Greek at such a low price with the best quality teachers. We also will be running a Classics Book/Reading club, getting a greater understanding of primary sources!

Now, enough of the more 'serious' stuff, the Society was created for you all to have the opportunity to meet like-minded students.The society is now into its third year. Our first year ended with The Ancient History and Classics Society winning society of the year. A great achievement, especially within a year of the society being created. The society is (without trying to sound uber cheesy) one of the best ways to make friends on your course.

  • We are currently planning our first social and national trip
  • Our aim is to organise trips to places of Ancient interest.  
  • Hosting Classical Association talks 
  • Fundraising for the charities such as Shelter & the Woodstreet Mission (as Mancunians we need to recognise homelessness and extreme poverty in our city & strive to help it)

Please do not hesitate to get involved or contact us through the Facebook ( or Twitter (@MMUAHCSoc). Feel free to get in touch with us at any time. We are a friendly bunch, who are welcoming!

Peace and love from,

Your Committee,

Amber, Nasrin and Niki xx

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