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Welcome to the MMU Computing Society, this year (2018/19) your official Society Committee is Sean O’Mahoney as Chairman and Iqrah Nadeem as Treasurer (also Chair of the HelloHackers Society).


We wish to make the Society more collaborative with all that we do, desiring knowledgeable members, or those that have particular digital skills, to participate in the organization of future workshops we run.


Our aims are to:


  • Increase employability in the Digital Field for our members
  • Run & Promote Workshops on the teaching of Digital Skills
  • Integrate & Promote Computing/Learning in the CMDT Faculty
  • Work with external Companies/Speakers/Societies to run events
  • Create a social space for our members to share insights/news


To keep up-to-date join our Facebook Group and follow our Twitter, also please do check out our website for more infomation and useful links.


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