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Fencing is a brand-new sport for MMU, and we’re passionate about making it a success. Fencing is a great way for people to get into MMU Sport away from the mainstream sports, and is growing rapidly amongst universities. We want you to be a part of it!

All Students and Staff are welcome at our sessions, and whether you’d like to fence for fun, fitness or competition, we will be arranging opportunities for all skill levels!

We currently run a Sabre programme - which is the best weapon to pick up fencing with - but we welcome Foil and Epee fencers! Our coaching sessions are friendly and fun, and aimed at improving skills and confidence.

If you enjoy our free taster session, you can attend a six-week taster training course (Thurs 28th Sep – Thurs 2nd Nov) for £20!

If you would like to join Man Met Fencing, the cost is £40 per year, which includes two coached sessions a week.

Fees are payable by card on the Union Website, or via cash and Met Card in the Opportunities office.

Trails/Taster session:

  • Free Taster Session:
    Thursday 21st September
    15:30 – 17:00
    Sugden Sports Centre – Hall D


  • Trials:
    Monday 20th November
    Venue TBD


  • Mondays:         4:30pm-6:00pm             Sugden Sports Centre
  • Tuesdays:        5:00pm-6:30pm             The Students Union – Conference Suite



Join us for our ‘Welcome Back’ social on Thursday 21st September! We’ll be watching swordplay related TV shows/films and eating pizza – What’s not to love!?

Meet our lovely committee and fellow fencers in Student Union, Meeting Room 4 at 5pm.

Please join our Facebook Group “Man Met Fencing” and follow us on social media to stay informed about future social events and meets!


Email: mmufencing@gmail.com

Twitter: @ManMetFencing

Facebook: Man Met Fencing

Instagram: manmetfencing