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Fencing is a brand-new sport for MMU, and we’re passionate about making it a success. Fencing is a great way for people to get into MMU Sport away from the mainstream sports, and is growing rapidly amongst universities. We want you to be a part of it!

All Students and Staff are welcome at our sessions, and whether you’d like to fence for fun, fitness or competition, we will be arranging opportunities for all skill levels!

We currently run a Sabre programme - which is the best weapon to pick up fencing with - but we welcome Foil and Epee fencers! Our coaching sessions are friendly and fun, and aimed at improving skills and confidence.

If you enjoy our free taster session, you can attend a six-week taster training course (Thurs 28th Sep – Thurs 2nd Nov) for £20!

If you would like to join Man Met Fencing, the cost is £40 per year, which includes two coached sessions a week.

Fees are payable by card on the Union Website, or via cash and Met Card in the Opportunities office.


BUCS level:

Our teams compete in the followng BUCS leagues:

Men’s 1st – Northern 2a

Individuals – BUCS Nationals in February


Coaches and support staff:

The club are coached by Carolyn Benson


  • Mondays:         7:30pm-21:00pm             Sugden Sports Centre
  • Tuesdays:        5:00pm-6:30pm             The Students Union – Conference Suite



Join us for our ‘Welcome Back’ social on Thursday 21st September! We’ll be watching swordplay related TV shows/films and eating pizza – What’s not to love!?

Meet our lovely committee and fellow fencers in Student Union, Meeting Room 4 at 5pm.

Please join our Facebook Group “Man Met Fencing” and follow us on social media to stay informed about future social events and meets!


Email: mmufencing@gmail.com

Twitter: @ManMetFencing

Facebook: Man Met Fencing

Instagram: manmetfencing 

Terms and conditions

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The University expects that students and coaches participating in all activities related to sports clubs will at all times demonstrate respect for:

  • Themselves, other students, university staff, external venue staff, volunteers, coaches, officials and spectators;
  • Laws and culture of the relevant sporting activities;
  • Property of Manchester Met, MMU Sport and any venue they are visiting.

Participants are also expected to:

  • Value their own performances, that of others and not just results;
  • Co-operate with team/club mates, coaches and officials


MMU Sport Clubs Behaviours:

All MMU Sports Club members agree to abide by the behaviours outlined in the non-exhaustive list below:

  • To adhere to the Sports Club Constitution, general rules, regulations and policies of Manchester Met and The Union (which includes, but is not limited to, the Manchester Metropolitan University Student Code of Conduct, University Health and Safety Policies, MMU Sport Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for The Union Members);
  • To adhere to the rules and regulations of the relevant sports’ governing body, and where necessary the relevant international federations, agreeing to demonstrate sporting behaviour towards opponents, staff and officials at all times;
  • To be fair, considerate, honest and respectful to the needs of fellow students, staff, volunteers, coaches and visitors to Manchester Met;
  • To respect Manchester Met’s property and that of others (e.g. external facilities and transport providers), and not cause damage to such property or use it for unapproved purposes;
  • To never behave violently where this is outside the rules of the sport or deliberately seek to gain an advantage through cheating, or use prohibited substances;
  • To encourage and guide participants to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour;
  • To refrain from any behaviour that brings the Club or Manchester Met into disrepute;
  • To adhere to the rules and regulations in the Student Regulations for use of University Computing Resources and take personal responsibility for their words, images and actions in an online environment;
  • To understand that any ‘welcome’ activity for new club members should be inclusive, non-compulsory, and should not, in the judgement of MMU Sport, make the individuals feel humiliated or degraded;
  • Not act in an unlawful manner;
  • To understand the repercussions of any breaches of these standards.