Pole Dancing

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Welcome to MMU Pole Dancing!

Pole fitness is all about having fun with the added bonus of getting a workout! It is a mixture of gymnastics and dance on a vertical pole and uses strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness. It is the fastest and most fun way to tone up, especially targeting 'difficult' areas such as the thighs, arms, abs and bum. It is also a fantastic way to increase your confidence in a friendly and fun environment.

Class activities include spins, holds, strength training, floorwork, headstands/handstands, inverts, tricks, and doubles. We teach men and women of all ages and all abilities, from complete beginner to advanced. Everyone is welcome!

Here are some FAQ's...

What should I wear?
If you're a complete beginner we'll start off with simple spins & strength moves, meaning you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in (comfy gym wear). It is only when you start learning climbs and invert holds that you will need to wear shorts. You can purchase our branded pole kit on the union or wear whatever you have at home already.

Are there any rules?
No shoes are allowed. Please also remove all jewellery, especially rings as these scratch the poles. Although it's not a 'rule', it is recommended that you do not moisturise for at least 24 hours before pole dancing, as it will make it much more difficult to grip the pole.

Can guys take part?
Yes! Actually, the upper body strength many men possess makes them amazing pole dancers, especially on advanced holds & tricks.

Does pole dancing hurt?
I'm not going to lie to you, pole dancing isn't easy. BUT it does get easier the more you practice! Even the fittest of people find that they ache a couple of days after a pole dancing session. This is because you use muscles that you don't usually use. These are particularly situated in the 'hard-to-tone' areas such as the triceps, inner thighs, abs and buttocks. On the plus side, this makes pole dancing one of the best ways to tone and shape your body!

You may also get a few small bruises - this is completely normal! They don't usually hurt, but look pretty for about 3 days. It is an unwritten rule of pole that you will bruise from a new move until you perfect it. Once you perfect a move you magically stop bruising... until you learn a new move or you do a move repeatedly for long time periods (e.g. in a routine or intense competition training).

Is it safe?
Yes, completely! The poles that are used are called X-poles and are made specifically for the fitness industry. We always spot each other for any difficult moves and there are crash mats available if you should wish to use them.

Are there age limits?
Everyone over the age of 18 are welcome to the classes.

Am I too overweight to take part?
Fitness is not an issue, as you will get fitter the more you practice, but be aware that you might find it difficult to start. All pieces of equipment are fully weight-baring and safety-tested, so weight is not an issue. All body types are welcome, anyone can pole dance!

Is it stripping/lap dancing?
No! Pole fitness aims to move away from the 'sleazy' stereotype. It is about having fun and working out. You will never be made to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

Do I need to have my own pole?
No, we provide all the equipment needed for your lessons. If you want to buy a pole to put up at home to practice, ask your instructor or a committee member for help as there are some dodgy ones out there. A safe place to purchase is from X-Pole, this is where all our poles are purchased from. The ones we use in class are 45mm Xpert X-Poles.

If you wish to join MMU Pole Dancing all you need to do is purchase your yearly membership for £20.

After you've become a member you can join us on socials and if you want to you can purchase lessons! The lessons are available on the union site - just search "Pole Dancing" and they are under 'events' - they on different times/days for different levels of ability. If you are unsure which class is right for you then please message us on Facebook or drop us an email.


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Snapchat - MMUpoledance

Email - mmupoledancing@live.co.uk

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