Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union

NUS Delegates 2017

In 2017, 25 MMU students nominated themselves for the position of NUS Delegate, and a record-breaking number of you voted. 8 students were elected and will attend the 2018 NUS National Conference alongisde your Union President, Hussain El Amin.

Your delegates to NUS National Conference 2018 were, in order of election:

  1. Natalie Szrejder (MMUnite - Manifesto)
  2. Zara Butt (Manifesto)
  3. Maria del Pilar Ferreira Loray (Manifesto)
  4. Amina (Minnie) Gaddah (Manifesto)
  5. Lily Smith (Manifesto)
  6. Ayesha Naser (Manifesto)
  7. Wynne Taffinder (MMUnite - Manifesto)
  8. Hassan Mobarak - (Manifesto)