NUS Delegates 2017/18

Do you have a view on national issues that impact students? Do you think it's important that students are well represented in discussions about national education policy? Every year over 1,000 student representatives gather to attend the National Union of Students (NUS) annual conference, to decide what NUS - the national representative body for UK students - should work on for the next three years. The Union elects 8 students to attend this Conference every year.

In 2017, 25 MMU students nominated themselves for the position of NUS Delegate, and a record-breaking number of you voted. 8 students were elected and will attend the 2018 NUS National Conference alongisde your Union President, Hussain El Amin.

Your delegates to NUS National Conference 2018 are, in order of election:

  1. Natalie Szrejder (MMUnite - Manifesto)
  2. Zara Butt (Manifesto)
  3. Maria del Pilar Ferreira Loray (Manifesto)
  4. Amina (Minnie) Gaddah (Manifesto)
  5. Lily Smith (Manifesto)
  6. Ayesha Naser (Manifesto)
  7. Wynne Taffinder (MMUnite - Manifesto)
  8. Hassan Mobarak - (Manifesto)

If you have any issues you want to raise with your delegates or ideas of what they can take to Conference 2018, you can get in touch by writing to from your student e-mail address.

About NUS

Every year The Union elects students as NUS delegates to attend the NUS National Conference, which sets policy for the NUS for the year ahead in each of its 5 zones and holds NUS elections.

The 5 zones which the conference sets policy for are:



National Conference is also where the budget for the year ahead for NUS is decided through the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Union will send 9 delegates to NUS National Conference in 2018, with four places being reserved for women and five open places. This is in line with NUS national policy that 50% of the delegation must be women, rounded down. Of the five open places, the President has a place reserved to attend ex-officio on behalf of The Union, and will act as delegation leader.

Representation on NUS Conference delegations is a motion that was passed at National Conference 2014, challenging NUS' rules on the make-up of delegations to National Conference. The motion means that all delegations will have to have at least 50% self-defining women on them (rounded down).

The 2018 Conference will take place in Glasgow from March 27 to March 29 inclusive.

Lead Your Union Live Stats

Live Stats for the 2017 NUS Delegate Elections are temporarily unavailable. They will be back after the Lead Your Union 2018 elections!

The full results of the 2017/18 NUS Delegate elections are available at all times by writing to

NUS Delegate Vote Totals (by year of election):

2015: 828

2016: 614

2017: 889