2020 Society Awards Winners




Best Academic Society
Winner: Physiotherapy
Runner Up: Chemistry

Best Campaigning and Liberation Society
Winner: Big Change
Runner Up: LGBT

Best Faith Society
Winner: Islamic Society
Runner Up: Christian Union

Best Nationality and Culture Society
Winner: African Caribbean Society
Runner Up: British Asian Society

Best Political Perspectives Society
Winner: Debating
Runner Up: Marxists

Best Hobbies and Interests Society
Winner: Hello Hackers
Runner Up: Nerds

Best Media, Performance and Arts Society
Winner: Pole Dancing
Runner Up: Gilbert and Sullivan

Most Improved Society
Winner: Art Society
Runner Up: British Asian Society

Society Event of the Year
Winner: Physiotherapy (Physiotherapy Conference 2020)
Runner Up: Hello Hackers (ManMetHacks 2.0)

Best New Society
Winner: Polish
Runner Up: Philosophy

Committee Member of the Year
Winner: Maria Del Pilar Ferreira Loray
Runner Up: Alex Wharton

Society of the Year
Winners: African Caribbean Society
Runners Up: Physiotherapy

Society Honours
Kirsty Appleton (Pole Dancing and MMU Sign Language)
Anna Asafu-Adjaye (Abide Society)
Betsy Baillie (Hive Radio and Choir and Orchestra Society)
Jessica Blissett (Business and Management Society)
Cody Brookes (Law)
Alastair Browing (AniMMU (Anime) Society)
Eleanor Coulthard (Nerds Society)
Hedva Engle (Jewish Society)
Samantha Farrar (Law)
Oluwapelumi Fatayo (African Caribbean Society)
Helen Fielding (Choir and Orchestra Society)
Jagoda Gaworczyk (eSports MMU)
Edgars Hartmanis (Pole)
Nadeem Iqrah (HelloHackers)
Honour James (Pole Dancing and MMU Sign Language)
Chloe Latham (MMU Tabletop Gaming)
Savannah Middleton (Uniboob Team)
Thomas Misson (helloHackers and Hive Radio)
Cynan Orton (Art Society)
Cassiana Pratt (Cirque du Met)
Fahmina Rima (Islamic Society)
Riona Shergold (Gilbert and Sullivan Society and MMU Tabletop Gaming Society)
Usman Siddiq (British Asian Society)
Kerry White (Philosophy Society)
Zoe Windscheffel (Pole Dancing)