Society FAQs

How do I start a society?

It’s really simple to start a society, you only need two things. First, there needs to be at least two of you and you both have to be current MMU Students. Next, have a look at our list of societies and make sure there isn’t a society there already which is the same or really similar to what you want to set up. If it looks like there is a society that already exists, contact them about getting involved or contact us if you’re struggling to get in touch.

Once you’ve checked the above, take a minute to fill in the initial form here. We’ll then arrange a meeting with you, where we can answer any questions you have and to help you complete the process. Your request will then be sent to Societies Council for approval – once this is done, that’s it, you’re all set up!

If you are interested in re-starting a society that doesn’t currently have a committee, please complete this re-start a society form.


How and when can I join a society? Can I use my Met Card? I’ve bought membership, how do I find out when the society meets?

You can join a society at any point from the start of September and your membership runs until the end of that academic year. You can join any society online and you can join as many as you have time for. If the society has a fee you’ll need a credit/debit card to join (Metcard can’t be used online for societies).

Metcard membership sales can be done via the Union’s Finance Office, details of opening hours for the Finance Office can be found here

You can find the contact details for the society on their page on The Union’s website, so drop them a message if you have any questions about membership or when they meet up. If you’re struggling to get hold of them, drop us an email and we’ll help you make contact.


I need to hold an election for new committee members, how do I do this?

You can hold an election for new or additional committee members via The Union’s website. Simply fill out the election request form we’ll help set this up for you.

If you have any further questions about committee elections, contact us on


How do I use my Society web-page?

As a committee member, you have access to update and edit your society webpage. To do this, make sure you’re logged into The Union’s website, and then follow the steps in this short online training module.


Where can I find information about further training?

As a committee member, you have access to a suite of online training to help you run your society, as well as a number of training sessions to help you develop in your role.

You can find lots of online resources to help you run your society here.

We’ll also be holding regular committee training sessions throughout the term, details of these will be sent via the Societies newsletter.

If you need any further support, please get in touch.


How do I run an online event?

Running an online event is a great way to showcase your society and get people interested and involved. There are lots of activities and events you can do online, check out this article for some inspiration, and lots of platform to run them on, such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. The Union can add these events to our what’s on platform. Here’s how you submit an event.


What do I do if I want an external speaker to be part of our online event?

For external speakers (this is anyone speaking at your event who isn’t an MMU Student or an MMU member of staff), we need at least 21 days’ notice. We need you to give us full information as to who they are and what they’re coming to talk about. Please complete the external speakers form here


Does every society need a risk assessment for every single activity?

Yes! You will need to complete a risk assessment for any activity that your society runs; including online activity. Don’t worry if you haven’t written a risk assessment before. Here’s where you can access the online training and our risk assessment template.


I want to find out more information about my society account. How do I spend the money, and is there any funding available?

Every society has its own account, which sits within The Union. You can find out how much is in your account at any time by please getting in touch.

Although you can’t withdraw cash directly from your society account, you can claim money back if you’ve bought something for the society yourself. Alternatively, we can pay for something directly for you using the funds in this account.

For more information about claiming money back or about paying for something directly out of your account, see our online resources.

If what you’re wanting to purchase has a contract attached (such as venue hire) you’ll need to contact us before you sign anything. All contracts need to be signed off by The Union or you may personally be liable..

We also have a pot of grant money, which any society can apply into at certain times of the year through grant panels. You can find more information about how and when to apply for grants and the criteria in the committee resources.


How do I make changes to our society committee? Is there any support if our committee has a dispute or I’m finding the role overwhelming?

If you or another member of your committee choose to leave the committee post during the year, all you need to do is drop us an email confirming your intention to leave. Once the post is vacant, we will contact the rest of the committee to arrange election dates to refill the role. If you want to add a role during the year email us. If you add or remove positions for the next academic year, you must do this before your society elections.

If you’re having problems as a committee, we’re here to help. You can ring us or drop us an email. You can also contact your Societies and Development Officer who has first-hand experience of being on a society committee.

If you find the role overwhelming, again we’re here to help. There are also other places we can direct you to. Take a look at Advice Centre or the University Counselling Service and always remember to put your studies first.