Volunteering Awards Past Winners


Femi Ade 

Society Committee Member

Femi was the driving force behind the African Caribbean Society’s Black Culture showcase this year, and what resulted was an evening of talent and variety, ranging from student performances of dance, drama and spoken word. Femi has also organised a wide range of debates and networking opportunities for students, and the number of members in the society has risen throughout the year, with 75 members currently. 


Chris Berrevoets  

Sport Volunteering Ambassador, Volunteer in the Community with the FA and Course Rep for Sports Management

Chris has been incredibly proactive in his own volunteering, as well as engaging other students to volunteer through his role as a Sport Volunteering Ambassador. He has gone above and beyond, not only to support volunteering events, but to support other student volunteers to get the most out of their experience. Outside of Chris' University volunteering, he acts as a youth representative within the FA and regularly volunteers at participation events across Manchester. Overall, Chris is an incredibly hard working, impressive and enthusiastic individual.


Nicholas Cave  

Society Committee Member, Volunteer in the Community with British Red Cross and GMP and Course Rep for Nursing

Nick was one of the founding members of the Nursing Society and has been a driving force behind their success this year – they won three awards at the Societies Awards, including Best Society. Alongside this, he has volunteered with the British Red Cross and Greater Manchester Police all whilst representing students on his course as a course rep and working 37.5 hours a week unpaid whilst on placement. His dedication to bettering the lives of those around him is truly inspiring.


Megan Derbyshire 

Volunteer in the Community with CLIC Sargent

Megan has really thrown herself into volunteering since starting in March last year. She won her own personal battle and used that drive and passion to better the lives of those in the community around her. From being a voluntary treasurer with her local American Football team to volunteering with Clic Sargent, supporting young people and their families deal with cancer, Megan's dedication is truly amazing.


Arran Embleton

Sports Club Committee Member

Arran has been an incredible committee member this year and has changed the way the Fencing team is viewed, creating one of the most inclusive team environments and actively giving up his time to promote LGBT+ inclusion within Sport. His team have often said how amazing he has been as a committee member and as a friend to all club members. He has incredible ideas and is very diplomatic, leading to many big wins for the team this year.


Grace Eyles

Sports Committee Member and Volunteer in the Community for Papyrus

Grace is a beacon of hope and positivity to all sports members at MMU. Through her passion and commitment, she has raised an amazing £3500 for Papyrus Suicide Prevention Charity through Netball’s Disco Dodge Ball and Pong Masters as well as her own personal marathon this year. Also being on both the Netball and Taekwondo committee, she has given up countless times to the running of both clubs. Having had a tough year, she has not given up and has instead given every moment to volunteering and making a positive difference for the people around her.


Maria Ferreira

NUS Delegate, Society Committee Member and Societies Council Rep

Maria has engaged with her NUS role for the second year in a row and has made an impact for both national and international student conferences. She is incredibly passionate about what she believes in, and has taken the time to speak to students about their concerns and issues. She is so dedicated to the student journey, inspiring others and being a driving force for change at an SU as well as a national level.


Amber Ghei

Course Rep for English

Amber is a great course rep, who works tirelessly to represent her peers studying English. She regularly provides useful and detailed feedback regarding her course, explaining what works well, what can be improved and offers new ideas for improvement for students’ experiences. Amber consults her course mates, ensuring she accurately represents all on her course. Now in her final year, but her hard work as a rep this year will ensure she leaves a fantastic legacy of an improved experience for English students.


Frankie Harrington  

Sports Club Committee Member

Frankie is always smiling and having a laugh, and alongside her full time degree, she has been very committed to the Netball club this year, organising three events for students at Cheshire by herself. This is as well as ensuring that in the final year of Cheshire, Netball has had an active and incredibly competitive team. Everyone who knows her says that everything is done with a smile and nothing is too much work for Frankie.


Heidi Henders

Course Rep for Contemporary Theatre and Performance, Society Committee Member and Cheshire Council Rep

Heidi has been a committed volunteer with The Union throughout her time studying at MMU’s Cheshire campus. She is an enthusiastic course rep who has represented her peers on Contemporary Theatre and Performance for a number of years, where her can-do attitude has never faltered. She’s also something of a celebrity in Cheshire, as all her volunteering activity means she knows almost every single person on the campus – and they’re always pleased to see her! We also shouldn’t forget to mention her contribution to the iconic “Crewesical the Musical”, which she helped create and performed in Cheshire in March, which immortalised and celebrated the Cheshire experience in its final year.


Saira Hillyard  

Student-Led Projects Ambassador and Campaigns Volunteer

Saira has recently become a student-led projects ambassador volunteer and also works with The Union's Campaigns Coordinator to run a new campaign to stamp out loneliness within the student community and further afield. Staff she has worked with say, ‘I have never met someone so passionate and engaged, and such a self-starter’. Saira goes above and beyond with all her responsibilities, working to develop her own role and indicating where she needs my support. She is a great team player and a delight to work with.


Laura Holmes 

Volunteer in the Community for CLI and Trafford Domestic Abuse Services

Laura has done so much this year for the CLI as well as the Trafford Domestic Abuse Services. Lives are being changed by the level of commitment and passion shown by Laura, and CLI feel privileged to have her as part of their team. Laura is encouraging, enthusiastic and she relishes the opportunity to support staff, service users and other volunteers at Trafford Domestic Abuse Services. She is a star volunteer and is an absolute asset wherever she goes.


Grace Knowles

Society Committee Member and Cheshire Council Rep

Grace has been an incredible volunteer for Genesis Theatre society for the past three years. She has directed, managed and took part in multiple shows each year, achieving all this while doing an intense theatre degree which has meant she is rehearsing and studying until very late into the night and sometimes the early mornings. Her peers says that Grace is incredibly dedicated and one of the most genuine people they have ever met.


Joe McCarthy

Sports Club Committee Member

Joe has shown true dedication in his role as Social Secretary for Rounder’s this year, and has been a huge part of transforming the club from a casual pay-as-you-go club with few committed members, to one of the strongest and most charitable groups at MMU. Joe is a kind and outgoing individual, and makes a huge effort to lead by example making the club a much more inclusive place to be.


Savannah Middleton  

Society Committee Member, Society Council Rep, NUS Women’s Delegate and Street2Feet Committee Volunteer

Savannah is the Chair of Uniboob and when she’s not handing out ‘Team Boobs’ stickers to everyone or fundraising to Coppafeel, she’s maintaining a social media presence or staffing stalls to raise awareness of breast cancer. Savannah is always busy here at The Union, whether that’s adding agenda points for the council, giving interviews as to why she volunteers, putting events on for Uniboob society, or going along to sports clubs training and society socials to talk all things boobs. Plus, Savannah recently won the Individual Awards for Outstanding Contribution at the National Societies Awards. Congratulations Savannah.


Holly Mumford  

Society Committee Member and Cheshire Council Rep

Holly has been an incredibly passionate and committed society member for three years. Throughout her time at Cheshire, she is the only person to ever sit on the Cheshire council for two consecutive years, and as the chair of Musical Theatre she has directed and produced all of their performances for the last two years. She is one of the most committed people when it comes to volunteering her time and effort, and will be very missed.


Daniel Roberts

Sports Club Committee Member, Sports Council Rep, Street2Feet Committee Volunteer and Course Rep for Sports Management

Now in his final year, Dan has been an active volunteer both this year and throughout his whole time at university. He has held various different volunteering positions including but not limited to Course Rep, Street2Feet Volunteer for the past three years, Sports Council volunteer, football committee volunteer and AOC and Winter college games volunteer. Dan is happy to do any role in any project that is required, and always does them with a positive, motivating attitude, and a smile on his face.


Evelyn Sweeney

Society Committee Member, Society Council Chair and NUS Women’s Delegate

Evelyn has been involved in Societies since starting at MMU. They showed massive amounts of devotion to societies by reaching out to others that had similar interests, helping host multiple events giving everyone a platform and an extra chance to improve the university experience for their members. They have taken that devotion to the next level as your Societies Council Chair and you can really see how far Evelyn has come, as well as the impact they have had on societies over their time at MMU. We look forward to seeing what they do as the Societies and Development Officer for 2019/20.


Raheema Valera

Volunteer in the Community with MetMUnch

Raheema is a super dedicated student, a mum of three and one of the most hard working MetMUnch volunteers. She’s not only helped educate kids from various local schools, but has carried out all tasks with responsibility and flair. She has constantly carried out community and nutrition volunteering activities and has acted as a leader for the younger volunteers. She is a role model to all mature students and shows how you can juggle a busy life with University and volunteering too.


Chloe Williams 

Society Committee Member

Chloe has turned the Physiotherapy Society around this year as its Chair. From having only six members last year, to 145 at the time of her winning the award, she has put support in place to ensure the society is sustainable for years to come. She has encouraged other societies to take heed from the lessons she has learnt, and is the perfect role model for all committee members.



Emma Beard

Course Rep, Business and Law

Emma is enthusiastic in her role, striving to ensure that students are represented at the University, and ensure their voices are heard and considered. She has been pro-active and shown great initiative, expanding her role by in getting involved in projects within her Faculty. Emma has created her own events in the Faculty to provide inclusive opportunities for course reps.



Harriet Bell

Sports Volunteering Ambassador

Harriet is passionate and driven. She has thrown herself into a number of opportunities across MMU Sport as well as being part of the Mountaineering Club and a Sports Volunteering Ambassador. She has been heavily involved with the ‘This MMU Girl Can’ campaign, ‘Zone out week’ and is now working on her own campaign about positive body image.  Her enthusiasm and active engagement with students has set the foundations for a campaign to break down barriers to participation, so that anyone can feel the many benefits of sports. In her role as Sport Volunteering Ambassador, Harriet has actively promoted inclusivity and accessibility to sport opportunities, through being involved in sport herself and by writing about her own experience.



Bea Donnerstag

Chair of Time to Change, Committee Member of Feminist Society

Bea has been consistently committed to various roles in multiple societies, always striving to put on a diverse range of activities for members. An influential change-maker at MMU, Bea developed a community of students with a passion for mental health awareness and went on to found the Time to Change society. Bea is always engaging with students and is mindful of accessibility and increasing diversity — an attitude and practice we want to see in all student activity.



Sania Ghaus

Committee Member of Islamic Society

Sania has been instrumental in the success of her society this year. Sania has lead by example and dedicated her time to ensure the society runs smoothly. She has displayed excellent organisation and management skills to provide both regular and large one-off events. With her help and hard work, the Islamic Society have raised a record-breaking charity week total. Sania has empowered and inspired the members of the Islamic Society, shown leadership, and has left a lasting legacy on the society.



Amber Kerr

Chair of Women’s Football, Chair of the Sports Council

Amber has given a considerable amount of time and energy to both of her roles this year. In her role as Chair of the Sports Council, she has demonstrated strong leadership qualities and worked tirelessly to ensure members’ voices are heard and valued. She has been proactive in raising money for the Sports Ball and volunteering at several events throughout the year, and in doing so, she has encouraged and inspired others to follow in her footsteps. This year the women's football club have been very organised and have engaged brilliantly with The Union — this can be attributed to Ambers' leadership, motivation and communication, in her role as Chair of the Club.



Jordan Olukanmi

Chairperson of Open Mic and Christian Union

This year Jordan has excelled in his roles with the Christian Union and Open Mic society. He has planned and participated in several events and has consistently put events on throughout the year – they are always enjoyable, inclusive and provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and celebrate the thriving community in the Cheshire Campus. His humble personality makes him approachable and admirable, and his contribution in Cheshire will leave no less than an optimistic legacy.



Joash Riley

Treasurer of Basketball, Chairperson of the Cheshire council, Cheshire

Joash has not only contributed greatly to Basketball this academic year, he has also influenced the club in a humble and positive way since he started at Manchester Met. As well as treasurer, he is the Chairperson of the Cheshire council, which comes with great responsibility. He has gone above and beyond to help plan, organise and then participate in multiple events, helping other clubs and utilizing his dual membership. The community spirit of Cheshire thrives in his efforts and enthusiasm.



Emily Thomas

Charity Officer, Netball Cheshire

Emily has been instrumental in Netball Club in Cheshire this year. Her efforts have resulted in several incredibly successful events. Emily has helped raise over £1000 for CRY this year alone. Emily’s enthusiastic and efficient approach has positively influenced the students in Cheshire — the club’s events create comradery and a community feel on campus. Her positive attitude and great personality are inspirational to all volunteers.



Russell Townsend

Chair of Football and Sports Volunteering Ambassador

This year Russell has held the roles of Chair of Football and Sports Volunteering Ambassador, and thrown himself whole-heartedly into each.  Throughout the year, he has demonstrated his passion and commitment to not only football but also having an impact within the local community, organising a collection with his team and other clubs for Manchester Central Food Bank. He has led by example and encouraged his fellow club and committee members to get involved in a number of events and campaigns throughout the year. 



Anna Welsh

Anime Chair, Societies Council Chair

Anna has unbelievable passion for societies. They have made a significant contribution to the development of societies and their wider activity over the last two years. Anna has set and up held high standards for the Societies Council, always striving to make a difference for students. They have acted as a role model for other committee members in their engagement with The Union. Anna has been an outstanding volunteer in societies, especially in their approach to cross-society collaboration in order to create a sense of community and celebration.



Outstanding Campaigners


Andy Harmon

Andy has had a real impact on student life at Manchester Met. He has consistently campaigned for LGBT+ students to have the best experience possible at University and to tackle prejudice — from taking on homophobia and harassment to campaigning for gender-neutral toilets. Andy has developed skills in influencing the University and has shown creativity and leadership in his approach to change making. He has presented on important Committees like Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee and lobbied the University to install gender-neutral toilets across campus. Andy’s passion, dedication and open-minded approach is a great example to any student who wants to change things in the student community.


Oskar Walin

Oskar has been a proactive and inspirational campaigner. He has devised a campaign to raise awareness of reusable cups in the Art School to combat the issue of waste. He has dived into this campaign enthusiastically, efficiently and innovatively. Oskar has contacted and liaised with the University Environmental Team and researched the issue of plastic waste here at MMU — unpicking the issue you are seeking to change is a key element of effective campaigning. This is the start of an ongoing campaign to tackle waste at Manchester Met, and already Oskar has shown he is dedicated to engaging students and making tangible change.



Ellie Algieri

Chair of Dance Club, Manchester


Elliot Miller 

Course Rep for Music, Cheshire


Lydia Foord

Academic Events Co-ordinator, Speech Language and Communication Society


Amber Lewis

Chair of Hive Radio Society, Manchester


Lucie Brown

Chair of Netball Club, Cheshire


Tom Jones

Chair of Golf Club, Manchester


James Carr

Chair of Boxing Club, Manchester


Mohanad Metwally

Publicity officer Islamic Society, Faith Belief and Culture rep Manchester Societies Subgroup Committee, Course Rep for Law


Ali Dixon

Chair of Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Manchester


Amy Saunders

Chair of Cheerleading Club, Manchester


Sarah Fox

Course Rep for PGR, Manchester


Adam Kealey

Chair of Debating Society, Treasurer of Conservative Society, Political and Campaigning Rep, Manchester Societies Subgroup Committee


Amanda Doherty

Treasurer of Badminton Club, Badminton Women’s Captain, Vice Chair of Rounders Club, Chair of Manchester Sports Council