Microvolunteering is a fantastic (and easy!) way to make a difference, without taking up much time! Microvolunteering is a series of easy tasks that can be done anytime, anywhere, on your own terms.

It could involve anything from signing a petition or retweeting a message to taking part in a flash mob or counting birds in your garden. You don’t need to go through an application or complete any training, it doesn’t take long to complete, and it doesn’t require any commitment.

Here at the Students' Union, we value our student’s time and want to empower you to be able to make a difference, no matter how small! So here are some of our top Microvolunteering opportunities, starting with The Union’s monthly opportunity:



This month we are celebrating Women's History Month and all the amazing things women have achieved over the year. If you'd like an easy way to get involved and do your bit for women of the future, here's how: 

Period Poverty Drive 
This month we're collecting period products to be donated to Every Month Mcr who will distribute them out to people who really need them. So next time you're in the shops, please consider buying an extra pack and dropping them off in The Opportunities Office here in the Union.

Bra Bin 
You might remember our fab Bra Bin from Breast Cancer Awareness Month, well it's still going! So if you're having a spring clear out, then please consider donating your old bras to us, where they will go on to raise money for Against Breast Cancer. Similar to above, please drop them off in our Bra Bin in The Opportunities Office in the Union.  



Record yourself reading chapters of books using the software from home so that other people can access free online audio books. All languages welcome and encouraged.

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Be My Eyes

This mobile app to help a blind person find answers to a query. The app connects blind people with volunteers via live video chat.

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Surfify All you have to do is play their album of relaxing surf sounds on Spotify and the charity gets a small royalty fee per track played. The more songs you play the more you donate and you can even do it in your sleep.

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Charity Miles

Make your walk to the library count. Download the app, count your steps and corporate companies will donate to charity.

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Child Rescue Alert

Sign up to get free text alerts when a child goes missing to help as our emergency services search for missing children.

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