Meet the Team






Hey everyone! I’m Yosra and I’m one of your BAME Ambassadors, representing the Health, Psychology and Social Care faculty. I’m a recent BSc Psychology graduate and I’m currently pursuing my MSc in Psychological Wellbeing in Clinical Practice, with aspirations of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. I’m very passionate about mental health and helping to empower and uplift individuals in need. I’m really looking forward to making a change and being an advocate for BAME students, giving them a voice and providing a listening ear. It is so important to stand up to injustice and inequality, as stated by Martin Luther King, “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”









My name is Haleemah I am a third year Primary Education student, I am one of the BAME ambassadors for the Faculty of Education. My passion lies in education, I hope to teach and guide the young generation. This is one of the reasons I became a BAME ambassador, as I aspire to create opportunities for all students. Furthermore, I am a mental health first aider, as a BAME Ambassador I want to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that comes with mental health issues within BAME communities. During my free time I like to sew, crochet and read books. I also love watching korean dramas and anime. I have two cats called min and sim. (✿^‿^)✧







My name is Neisha and I am a second year student studying Early years and Childhood studies. Some of my favourite hobbies are exercising, socialising with friends and family and listening to music. In addition I’m also a BAME ambassadors for the Education faculty. I wanted to become a BAME ambassador because I am passionate about increasing the success rates of BAME students and also reducing the challenges in which we face.







Hi I’m Tamara and I have just moved to Manchester to complete my masters in Creative Advertising Strategy. I am a big RnB fan and love to go to concerts and festivals. I chose to become a BAME ambassador because I think the idea of creating safe spaces for BAME students is important and something can completely change your university experience for the better. I also hope that being part of this team can encourage real change within the university that spans across departments, faculties, and student life.








Hi I’m Ishaa and I am a BAME Ambassador and youth activist based in Manchester. I decided to become an ambassador as I was keen to see how much of a difference race made in the HE experience for students. I am looking forward to holding events and speaking to students to understand what the University can do to become more inclusive and fair for everyone.







I’m Shanique, currently studying my Masters in Management and I am one of your BAME Ambassadors for the Business and Law Faculty. I decided to become an ambassador because I am passionate about BAME people and realising our potential. I also have a keen interest in fashion and beauty too!









Hey, my name is Bethany and I am in the first year of my master’s course, studying Architecture. I consider myself to be a creative person; I love everything including music, art, design, and dance. I chose to be a BAME Student Ambassador because I believe that it is important for everyone to have equal opportunities, to be valued, and to feel a part of a larger student community. I think it’s great to be part of a team that creates safe spaces for students to share their opinions and experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing what we accomplish and the change that we can affect in the university!









Hi I’m Awo, I’m a third year Architecture student at the MSA. In my spare time I like to draw/paint and am a fan of tv and film. Being a BAME ambassador means helping to create a platform for minorities to feel understood and comfortable which is important to me. No student should feel distanced in their university experience and I aim to put forward ideas that bridge any gaps bame students face. I hope being a part of the ambassador this year can be the catalyst for change that bame students need at our uni.






Hi, my name is Amna and I'm a third year Design engineering student. My passions include both my careers of physiotherapy and design. I am also a huge fan of playing sports, especially football. I am hoping to empower bame students at MMU to feel welcome and to make their voices heard in every department.








Hello my name is Sulega, I am a second year Biomedical Science student. I enjoy traveling, learning about the history of the world and reading. I recently picked up a new hobby, drawing, we will see how well that turns out. I decided to become a BAME ambassador because I wanted to create a safe for people to discuss any issues that they are facing. I want to build a community so that people know that they are not alone and are safe. I am passionate about the wellbeing of others and want to make sure that they have the university experience that they deserve.