Academic Societies

There are many academic societies available for you to join at The Union. Becoming part of one can be a fantastic and worthwhile experience.

If The Union doesn’t already have a society that is suitable for your course, it may be a great idea to set one up. You can email the Opportunities office on or drop in to see them for more information.

Why should you get involved?

Helps you to connect with others
You can gather feedback and information regarding your course from the society, which you can then feedback to faculty staff in order to make positive change. The society can, in turn, help you in getting messages out to their members.

Informal platform
An academic society is a less formal way of dealing with the content of your course. You can feel free to ask questions, voice your opinions and receive advice in a more comfortable environment. You are likely to gain more honest and consistent feedback in doing so outside of the classroom.

Support Network
Being a Course Rep can be quite an isolating role, especially if you are the only Rep on your course. If you decide to join an academic society, you become part of a community. A support network is created within the society, consisting of students from all years and abilities. You can therefore provide and receive support and encouragement from your peers.

Expand on the curriculum 
Extracurricular activities may widen your knowledge of course material. Many societies invite guest lecturers or external speakers, or organise field trips. These all provide a great opportunity to gain an insight into your subject outside of the classroom.

Many societies have links with industry professionals and can organise guest lecturers, employability advice or the promotion of work experience and job opportunities. All of these are great opportunities to be involved in and can boost your employability.

Social events and making friends
Let’s be honest, a society is a great excuse to have a good time and relax away from your studies. A society provides a setting in which you can make friends and socialise.

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