Frequently Asked Questions


Information about the role


Who are the Student Officers?


The Student Officers are five students paid to work full time to lead the Union and create real change in the education sector. This opportunity can either be taken as a year out from your degree (similar to a placement year), or as a graduate job.


Students at Manchester Met vote through a democratic election every year to choose the Student Officers. In other words, the elections decide who will go on to become directors of the organisation, trustees of the charity, and represent all 38,000 students at MMU. Officers can be in their positions for a maximum of two years, however they must rerun in the next election for the second year.


What positions are available?


There are five Student Officer positions available for any student at Manchester Metropolitan University to run for; however, you can only run for one position. See descriptions of each role.  

If you’re unsure on what to go for, the Voice office are happy to have a chat with you to find what position would suit you best. Email to arrange a time.


Do I get paid to be a Student Officer?


Yes you do, the Student Officer roles are paid around £19,000 per year. 


What hours would I have to work?


Generally, it’s Monday to Friday 10:00-16:00, however you may have to work occasional weekends and evenings during busy periods and also attend key events.


Information on who can run


Can I run if I'm in my first or second year?

You sure can. If you’re elected, you can speak to your school about taking a year out to serve as an Officer.


Can I run if I'm a postgrad?


Yes, students at any level of study can run, including postgrad, part time and foundation - we even work with schools across the uni to make sure they support you in running.


Can I run if I'm an international student?


Yes, students at any level of study can run, including postgrad, part time and foundation - we even work with schools across the uni to make sure they support you in running.

Remember that all immigration applications made within the UK must be made before the expiry date of your current visa. For the full information please visit the University’ website.


Information about the election


What are the Student Officer elections?


The Student Officer elections occur once a year and is our opportunity to elect the five Student Officers into position for one year. 

All current students can stand – you don't need any previous experience. You can be an undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time, full-time, on any course, and at any level of study. 


How do I get people to vote for me?


A key element of winning an election is to campaign and to speak to potential voters – basically, going out and actually speaking to other students. Your campaign should be personal and reflect the changes you want to make. 

Don’t worry though, during the elections you will receive support from Union staff who can give advice to all candidates. We will be running sessions during the election period, including how to campaign online this year, which will help you to run the most successful campaign you can.


What is a slate?


If you are thinking of running in this year’s election, for instance for President and you think your friends would be great as Wellbeing and the Education Officer, you can decide to campaign together; this is known as a slate. It is simply where you decide to form a group with a number of people. This could be in a group of two up to five people, to fill all the officer positions. If you would like to be in a slate you must let the Returning Officer know what your slate name is by the 2 March.


Will I have enough time?


As long as you plan what you want to do during the election period, then you’ll be fine. Even an hour a week in preparation could help you win the election. 


Do I get a budget to help with this?


Yes you do, you can spend no more then £50; we will reimburse some of this allocation to candidates, the sum of which will be decided after close of nominations.


What happens if I win?


The position starts on 1 July and you’ll be in a full-time job running the Union from that date onwards.