Candidate Hub 


The Leadership Elections process may seem a little daunting, but it is easier than you think! 

The main things you need to do are:

+   Download the Candidate handbook 
+   Download the rules (link to follow) 
+   Submit your nomination form online by midnight 24th February 2019
+   Write a manifesto (training is available if needed) 
+   Download the uploading your manifesto guide 
+   Attend the compulsory candidate briefing on the 12 noon, 25th February 2019 and any other optional training that may help you
+   Submit your manifesto online by 2pm 1st March 2019
+   Attend your relevant hustings on the 4th or 5th March and ask your friends to attend to support you, ask questions.  
+   Download the campaigning tips guide
+   Download the social media guidelines. 
+   Plan your campaign, including a video, social media and banners but it is up to you what you do. 
+   Download the campus guide 
+   Ask people to vote for you during voting 8th-14th March
+   Attend the results night to find out if you have won! 


Resources coming soon...