NUS Delegate Election

Every student can vote for who will represent Manchester Met students at the National Union of Students’ National Conference. Our delegates will debate and vote for national policy and elect next year’s national leaders, so it’s important you vote for people you think will represent your views. The voting system is single transferable vote (STV) which means you can vote in order of preference for more than one candidate.

2017 NUS delegates revealed

About the election

NUS National Conference will take place in spring 2017. It sets policy for NUS for the year ahead in each of its 5 zones and holds NUS elections.

The 5 zones which the conference sets policy for are:


Votes have been cast.
Voting has now closed.

National Conference is also where the budget for the year ahead for NUS is decided through the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

As well as representing MMU students, it is also a great chance to network and share ideas with other students and campaigners from across the country. The Union will send 9 delegates to NUS National Conference in 2017, with four places being reserved for women and five open places. This is in line with NUS national policy that 50% of the delegation must be women, rounded down.  Of the five Open places, the President has a place reserved to attend ex-officio on behalf of The Union, and will act as delegation leader.

Representation on NUS Conference delegations is a motion that was passed at National Conference 2014, changing NUS’ rules on the make-up of delegations to National Conference. The motion means that all delegations will have to have at least 50% self-defining women on them (rounded down).

The way we will carry this out is by running two separate counts using the same ballot papers; first count excluding all candidates who are not self-defining women; then excluding all candidates who were elected in count one and elect a number of candidates to equal 50% of delegation size rounded up.

Students elected as delegates to attend the NUS National Conference will have their travel and hotel expenses covered by The Union.

Important information for Candidates