STAMP case study

STAMP Penpal Project.


The Vision

STAMP was originally proposed by Sianead, a Psychology with counselling and psychotherapy student.

The project was inspired during her time as a missionary, Sianead was only allowed to contact friends and family back home over email during a 1-hour time slot each week, or through letters. As a result, she wrote letters frequently, and receiving those letters in my hand filled her a sense of love, belonging and joy; a feeling she wishes for everyone to experience.



The Project Aim

The STAMP project was created to connect students and local community members through a written letter pen-pal scheme, in an attempt to alleviate social isolation and connect those who may not otherwise get chance to meet.



Project Overview

Last year the project connected student volunteers and local community volunteers based in Hulme. The community volunteers where members of a local Together Dementia Group and letters were sent monthly from student to community member, and vice versa. Using the "Make a Change" budget, The Union provided funds for postage, pens and paper and host writing sessions.



Project Achievements

  • Empowered the student lead on the project, whilst developing their professional and interpersonal skills

  • Engaged students with an easy participatory project, which was accessible, and staff supported.

  • Strengthened a partnership with local Hulme community members, and Together Dementia charity.

  • Developed an intergenerational project with the ability to progress this project into possible other projects.

  • Trialled the success and interest of the project with an initial aim of 10 students and 10 community members.

  • Ensured the safeguarding of the students and the older person is of a high priority.

  • Make A Change fund allowed students and local community volunteers to get involved, without paying from their own pocket.