About the election

Every year six students are elected to lead The Union. Student Officers make strategic decisions about The Union, run campaigns and represent students at every level of decision making across the University. The roles are full time paid positions that last one year.

It is a unique set-up. The Union is an independent charity, all students are automatically a member and its leaders are elected every year from within the membership. The leaders of the organisation really are one (or six) of you.

You can find out more about the roles and what the current team are up to over here.


Who is this opportunity for?

All current students can take part and you don’t need previous experience. You can be an undergraduate or postgraduate student, part-time or full-time, and on any course and at any level of study.


Reasons to stand

There are loads of great reasons to become an officer. Here are our top six:

  • Be the voice of 36,000 students.
  • Lead a charity dedicated to helping students get the most out of university.
  • Use your enthusiasm and ideas to make a difference to the lives of students.
  • Work with the university to create real change.
  • Meet new people, have fun and build your confidence.
  • Build real skills and stand out to future employers.


All current students can vote in the election.

Officers represent students at every level of decision making across the University and run campaigns to improve the experience of Manchester Met students, so it’s important that you feel you’re being represented by the best person for the job.