Every year all Manchester Met students have the opportunity to stand to become one of our six Student Officers in the Lead Your Union elections.


Our Officers are elected to work full-time representing Manchester Metropolitan students at every level of decision-making in the university, to the local community and on national campaigns. Student Officers lead the political direction of The Union and campaign on behalf of students to ensure positive changes on anything that affects student life.

The Student Officers also take on the role of trustee for The Union, which is a registered charity. Trustees exist to ensure the financial and strategic health of the organisation. Within the role they are responsible for managing risk, setting strategy and scrutinising the activity of The Union  — don't worry, if elected you'll receive full training for this.


What positions are available?

There are six full-time paid positions available for students to stand for. Every student can stand for the roles - for example, you don't have to be based at Manchester to run for President, Education, Wellbeing, Societies and Development or Sport. All of the positions are paid around £17,000 p.a.


- Leads the representation of student views and interests to the University, locally and nationally.

- Develops positive community relations, promoting student interests locally and nationally, and maintaining strong working relationships with community organisations via forums and community groups.

- Leads our public image and is a Governor at the University.

Vice President Cheshire

- Co-ordinates our work in enhancing the student experience on the Cheshire Campus.

- With the imminent closure of the campus, the role is focuses on maintaining a vibrant campus life for students still studying in Crewe, ensuring they have the best possible experience.

- Deputises for the President.

- Works across a broad remit on community, welfare and academic quality.

- Works with student volunteers and campaigners to develop a strong organising culture within the Cheshire Council.

Education Officer

- Leads on everything related to the quality of teaching, learning and research at Manchester Met.

- Represent students across a range of university meetings.

- Run campaigns to ensure students are receiving a high quality academic experience.

- Leads the Course Rep system, working with staff and students to support almost 1,300 students to represent their courses.

Wellbeing Officer

- Represents issues affecting all aspects of non-academic student life, working with other officers to create positive change.

- Represents students on accommodation issues, including halls, residences and private landlords.

- Leads campaigns on community issues affecting students.

- Works with student volunteers and campaigners on areas of student life and wellbeing.

Societies and Development Officer

- Represents societies and student groups to the university, local and national organisations.

- Leads the promotion of social, cultural, educational, religious and political activities in The Union.

- Plays a lead role in raising the positive profile of students in the city.

- Works with student volunteers and campaigners to develop a strong organising culture within the Societies Council.

Sport Officer

- Represents student sport to the university, local and national organisations.

- Leads on developing opportunities and partnerships within the University and other organisations to further develop students and add to their student experience.

- Responsible for the development of all sports Sub-groups and their affiliate clubs, volunteer groups or collectives with associated training, campaigns and support.

- Works with student volunteers and campaigners to develop a strong organising culture within the Sports Council.


Want to find out more?

The Voice team are on hand to answer your questions. You can contact them by email, phone or in person. Here’s how:

ext 1162 (ask for the Voice team)
Voice Office, first floor, The Union, Manchester
Main Office, The Union, Cheshire