Period Project


Any One in ten people who menstruate don’t have access to sanitary products due to financial constraints. The Union wants to fight Period Poverty and help Manchester Met students.

Any Since this project started in 2017 on our Crewe campus, we’ve seen it grow and branch out, from tackling period poverty, to making a sustainable difference, to student led campaigns around other period related issues.



Many people with periods may be lucky enough to not give a second thought about how they will combat it when it comes, but for others, it’s a monthly battle. Period poverty predominantly affects people from low-income backgrounds, and they may miss lessons for several days every month.

Those five to seven days can result in missing vital learning, attendance warnings and falling behind in their studies — all down to something they can't control. This is not something that anyone should be grappling with, having to choose between their education or their period.


  • In 2017 The Union made all sanitary products in our shop tax free.
  • In 2018 The Union provided free sanitary products in all female and gender neutral toilets.
  • In 2019 and going forward, The Union is committing to have sanitary products in all toilets for free. Period poverty shouldn’t just be a ‘female issue’ so the Union will be putting on special collections at points in the year to help fund for more products and to support other charities doing this work.
  • That’s not all, this year The Union will also be encouraging the University to follow suit and start providing free sanitary products for students that need them.

Most recently in 2020 we have introduced sustainable measures for periods by introducing a new range of sustainable products in our shop from Moon cups to bamboo tampons, all available to buy on MetCard!



Look out for upcoming events in The Union, designed to fight period poverty, menstrual equality and having a sustainable period.