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Hey, I'm Lucy – and I'm The Union's Education Officer. I studied Fashion at MMU before getting elected into my role, this is my second year and I’m really excited to keep campaigning on issues that matter and affect students, and keep on representing to try and make positive changes for students!



I work on all things that affect students’ Education at Manchester Met, such as influencing policy on assessments, deadlines, examinations, submissions, teaching, learning, timetables, representation and exceptional factors. I believe that the university should support all students to achieve their ambitions, and I use students comments and course reps’ voice to make changes students want to see!



It's summer and where are all the students?! It's so quiet without everyone around, if you're hanging around in Manchester come say Hi!  Whilst it's summer we've got loads going on planning for the start of term! Welcome week is just around the corner, and I'm so excited for all of our fab events, trips, sales, fairs, parties and more! We're laying the foundations for new student councils in your faculties, and hoping to get as many of you as possible involved in course repping (you should do it.) I'm planning my campaigns for the year, I'm interested in decolonising the university and I'm deep in reading to understand what this really means and how we can do it. I'm focusing this year on making sure there's lots of fab stuff for students to get involved with, and focusing on helping those who find university isolating and lonely. Please get in touch with ideas! I'm still repping away at all the University committees and there's some big changes coming next year, you'll hear more about these but here's a couple of things coming up - all deadlines are moving to 9pm, there is now a late submission policy so you can push your deadline back 5 days but you will get a capped mark of 40%(only on coursework), we're removing elections for course reps so now anyone can be a rep, and we're also looking at whether we can host a Christmas day here at the union for any students who will be around! I've been sent all over the country meeting other students officers at different Unis to steal ideas and inspiration, one thing we ALL agreed on is wow - ACCOMODATION IS REALLY EXPENSIVE!!  I'm trying my best to keep up with politics and work out what it all means for you at MMU. I even got thrown into the House of Lords a few weeks back to ask questions to the person who wrote The Review of Post - 18 Education and Funding that Theresa May published before she left!     



DECOLONISATION - learning in progress


We are so far from a truly liberated education that is built for us all and it's way past due that that needs to change. I am keen to meet others who are also interested in decolonising and setting an action plan. This campaign will hopefully bring together people from all over the Union and University who are interested in changing the way things are. I am researching this topic and attending events to learn more about what decolonisation means for us. I am interested in coming up with our own definition of what decolonisation means to our students, and working to implement that here at MMU. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the campaign or have any advice, comments and thoughts!




We have been collecting YOUR stories on what it's like being a commuter student. We've found out loads of interesting stuff, and I want to do everything I can to get better support and understanding from the University. I'm excited to reveal the recommendations students helped us to develop and hopefully get some big changes! There's still time to get involved and if you're a commuter student drop into our Home Students hangout in Welcome week!




It's not right that so many of us face loneliness and isolation in everyday life, and it's no surprise that being at University can make this more difficult to manage. I am keen to find out more about why being at university can have such a detrimental affect on mental wellbeing and why it can be so difficult to find people who think like you. I think it probably has something to do with how little time there is outside of Uni and how hard it can be if you don't get on with people you live with or keeping up with friends when you live far from Uni. We want to make it as easy as possible to meet new friends through the Union, by putting on a wide variety of free and easy events you can come to. There is already a really exciting student - led campaign on this, and I am looking to find anyone who is interested in joining to help come up with new ideas and help break down the most isolating parts of Uni life!




I'm working with our Voice Team in the Union to lay the foundations for better representation at Uni! We want to make sure that students get a real say in what's going on! We're scrapping course rep elections, so that absolutely any student can be a rep without the scary task of standing up in a lecture and getting votes! We're making sure absolutely every rep will be fully trained so you know when you raise an issue with your rep they know what to do! We are laying the foundations to set up a council in each faculty, so that we can make sure you get a say and can voice your thoughts and feedback. The officers are talking about how we make sure ALL students get their say, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups, for example Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students.

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