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Hey everyone, I’m Savannah, your elected Societies and Development Officer for this academic year. I studied Biomedical Science at Manchester Met but got involved with Societies and Sport, which has now led me down a completely different career path (thank goodness).

I was a part of the UniBoob team (breast cancer awareness society) in my first year and then was elected as Chair in my second year. From there I also joined Taekwondo, Pole Dancing and the Society Council, which was a life changing experience.

I developed so much through my involvement in student groups, which is what urged me to run for this role and help other students have the same (and hopefully more) opportunities to grow.

I was also an international student, so my accent tends to confuse people. To clear it up before you ask, I was born in South Africa and grew up in Spain, Qatar, and the UAE while attending American schools. I love learning about other cultures, but my favourite part was, and always will be, trying new foods. Yep, I am a MAJOR foodie and proud of it.

Fun fact: I once tried to run a food blog. It didn’t go so well.

Swiftly moving on, I’m so excited to be elected into this role and I can't wait get started on an awesome year.


The Societies and Development Officer is a role focused on representing societies and student groups to the university, local and national organisations, and lead the promotion of social, cultural, educational, religious and political activities in the Union. The Officer plays a lead role in raising the positive profile of students in the city and will work with student volunteers and campaigners to develop a strong organising culture within the Societies Council.






+ Improve Training for Society Council Committee (SCC)

+ Change structure of SC meetings to smaller more frequent meetings that involve remit based networking sessions.

+ Introduce development plans to society committees.

+ Increase knowledge of how to log society volunteering hours.

+ Introduce new training dates to make committee training more accessible to students.

+ Keep an updates and constant newsletter going out to societies

+ Host the Wellbeing Q&A Panels


In Progress

+ Provide email addresses for Society council committee reps

+ Introduce office hours

+ Introduce Personal Development Plans (PDPs) for SCC members

+ Introduce inclusivity and diversity training to committee members.

+ Introduce a societies handbook.

+ Introduce online event handbook.

+ Introduce weekly society Instagram takeovers every Tuesday

+ Start monthly blog


Not started

+ Host a series of development workshops

+ Allow non-committee society volunteering

+ Provide non-committee related society volunteering opportunities.

+ Introduce a societies yellow pages.

+ Host an ‘Explore the city’ Series.

+ Introduce a society accreditation scheme.

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