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ABOUT America

Hi all, I'm America, your Wellbeing Officer for 2020/21. I’m optimistic about the year ahead and the changes that can be made within The Union and the University. I love helping people out and I hope that I can help you feel connected and heard within your university life.

I’m from a minority ethnic background and have had my fair share of difficult times, so I know what it’s like to feel a bit out of the loop with stuff at times. I’ll be available to help you whenever you need it — just shoot me a quick e-mail or message on social media, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope that a socially distanced campus won't get in the way of socialising and network building, but if you feel there’s something that’s missing, or that something needs to be done differently, just let me know. I hope you can feel comfortable and get stuck into this uni year with confidence that there are all kinds of support that The Union can offer you.


The Wellbeing Officer focuses on issues affecting all aspects of non-academic student life, working with other officers to create positive change.

They represent students on accommodation issues, including halls, residences and private landlords, and can lead campaigns on community issues affecting students.

The Wellbeing Officer works with student volunteers and campaigners on areas of student life and wellbeing.



Check back here soon to find out what projects I'll be working on this year. 

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I’m trying to make sure that the community that we have still strives in offering students the best university experience.


Phone: 0161 247 6519