Teaching Awards 2020 winners announced

The Union’s Teaching Awards celebrate excellence in teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University. Each year you get the chance to nominate the individuals and teams who go out of their way to make your learning experience the best it can be. This year’s winners have now been revealed.

Teaching award Winners:


Teacher of the Year – Derren Wilson (Arts and Humanities)

“I believe he exceeds the judging criteria for this award: he goes above and beyond expectations... His lab guides are amazing and provide just enough information leading to exceptional learning... Derren's lectures have challenged me to push beyond the comfortable and at the same time he has been approachable to help with problems I have had with the web-site beyond what he has taught. His desire to impart his knowledge whilst remaining humble and not turning a lecture into the "Derren show" is refreshing”


Course of the Year – BSc (Hons) Mathematics (Science and Engineering)

“This course is outstanding in terms of the quality of teaching and enthusiasm of the lecturers towards their respective subjects and also towards spending extra time, both in their office hours and outside of them, to help struggling students. The course is always adapted and tailored to the students requests and the wellbeing, engagement, motivation, achievement, attainment, safety, and attendance is always a top priority. Their aim is to make our time at university as beneficial and as enjoyable as possible.”


Department of the Year – Manchester Law School (Business and Law)

“Every lecturer has been excellent in their teaching and been an outstanding pillar supporting all us students no matter how difficult the course has been and provided excellent teaching and support to get us through the year. For example, the way they emphasised on our mock exams and I really got into the mood to put all my effort into them, nothing was boring or scary because I knew deep down we were taught by a best team of people who trained us for this work, to push ourselves and get the best out of us. Thank you.”


Outstanding Feedback – Melanie Powell (Business and Law)

“Melanie has a level of patience and professionalism I envy greatly. She has consistently provided the option for all student to receive regular feedback on work or even the course in general. This level of commitment has greatly impacted my confidence in the course and my quality of understanding. This term, she has gone out of her way to introduce additional formative feedback deadlines to help students who had decided to not submit anything for our original date.”


Best Personal Tutor – Dr Andrew Stevenson (HPSC)

“I had lost a lot of confidence in my abilities as a student during college and was completely demoralised. Andrew was my personal tutor for my first year and was so kind and considerate to even the ‘silly’ questions I would ask. You could tell he really cared for our well-being... He has really made coming to MMU worth it. I can’t think of anyone else who is more deserving!”


Best Undergrad Supervisor – Dr Geoff Bunn (HPSC)

“I feel he has gone above and beyond doing what he has needed to do to help me, including with wider university and personal issues, always signposting me to the right people and helping me personally. I think I probably would have at least deferred if not dropped out if I had a less understanding supervisor. After every time we speak, I always feel more motivated to crack on and get work done, as well as actually being able to succeed. So I thought I would nominate Geoff as a thank you, as his help has meant more to me than he definitely realises.”


Best Postgrad Supervisor – Dr Jenny Fisher (HPSC)

“Jenny is always available and continues to offer expert guidance as I move through the perilous PhD journey.As a first gen. student herself, she’s expertly guided me through my academic journey and actively encouraged my own continuation of studies. Without her I would not have been able to access PGR education and my thanks for this are immense. Her compassion, work ethic, and commitment are inspirational and I wish her the best in this award.”


Outstanding Innovation in Teaching – Dr Andrew Parker ( HPSC)

“Besides from his engagement and innovativeness into teaching, he also has a unique way to present the lecture materials and his lecturers are never boring and are packed with images and gifs to help us remember things using all of our senses. I believe he's one of the best lecturers I've ever had.”


Outstanding Teaching for Employability – Paul Greenwood (Science and Engineering)

“Paul has a great network of potential employers meaning that we have a great opportunity to get into the industry through his contacts. To this extent he had even gotten a handful of students work from industry which is a massive boost to our showreels, as well as summer internship opportunities for programs featured on Netflix and the BBC. From these experiences, we are in prime position for employability.”


Outstanding Teaching for Sustainability – Dr Rachel Dunk (Science and Engineering)

“Rachel consistently includes the most up-to-date, sometimes harrowing information about the climate crisis while emphasising the work which is currently being done at all scales, and ought to be done in the future - to inspire students to take great action.”


The Union Award – Khadijah Diskin (HPSC)

"When she's in our class, she makes sure we are heard. She repeats our points and steps in if we are struggling.", "She goes out of her way to help and has been so informative in the way I interact with the world, she’s the only Black female teacher I’ve had - and she's been so important to the students of colour in our class." "I'm really thankful to have had her in my final year - I feel like I would've left Uni with a completely different perspective on life without her."


Outstanding Commitment to Inclusive Learning and Teaching – Kathryn Chadwick (Arts and Humanities)

“Her unyielding commitment to unveiling and challenging discriminative practice within the criminal justice system, and social injustice in general, is an important feature within her teachings and as a result she not only challenges accepted ways of thinking but she empowers students to discuss issues surrounding inequality and take action when and where necessary/possible.”