Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union

Past Winners

2019 Winners:


Teacher of the Year
Winner: Dr Bartek Buczkowski (HPSC)

Course of the Year
Winner: MBA Degree Apprenticeship (Business and Law)

Department of the Year
Winner: Department of Social Care and Social Work (HPSC)

Outstanding Feedback
Winner: Katie Jones (Arts and Humanities) 

Best Personal Tutor
Winner: Dr Melanie Hall (Education)

Best Undergraduate Supervisor
Winner: Dr Ryan Mewis (Science and Engineering)

Best Postgraduate Supervisor
Winner: Dr Ryan Mewis (Science and Engineering)

Outstanding Innovation in Teaching
Winner: Dr Geoff Bunn, Dr Susanne Langer, Dr Andrew Stevenson and Nina Fellows (HPSC)

Outstanding Teaching for Employability
Winner: The Social Work team (HPSC)

Outstanding Teaching for Sustainability
Winner: Dr Paul Dewick (Business and Law)

The Union Award for Outstanding Achievement
All Cheshire campus staff


2018 Winners:


Teacher of the Year
Winner - Dr Leanne Rimmer (HPSC)

Course of the Year
Winner - Department of Nursing (HPSC)

Department of the Year
Winner - BSc (Hons) Mathematics (Science and Engineering)

Outstanding Feedback
Winner - Nino Loladze (Business and Law)

Best Personal Tutor
Winner - Joe Barber (Education)

Best Undergraduate Supervisor
Winner - Kay Hurst (HPSC

Best Postgraduate Supervisor
Winner - Professor Rebecca Lawthom (HPSC)

Outstanding Innovation in Teaching
Winner: - Dr Carmen Herrero (Arts and Humanities))

Outstanding Teaching for Employability
Winner: - Barry Harwood (Business and Law)

Outstanding Teaching for Sustainability
Winner - Tom Finbow (Cheshire)

The Union Award for Outstanding Achievement
Winner- Peggy Cooke



2017 Awards: 



Professor Dawn Archer (Arts and Humanities)
"Not only is she a great teacher, who gives clear, applicable feedback but she is also a great person, that makes me feel valued, worthy of her time, and she is there, a teacher, an advisor, that I know will support me, not just be a distant name on top of a course title...I believe teaching should be passionate, engaging, stretch our minds, make me think hard, make me question things, find new subject areas to take interest in and she does that. Thank you for everything Dawn."


Dr Stephen Buzdugan (Business and Law)
"This man transformed a subject, making it engaging, simple to understand, applicable, historically, philosophically and ethically grounded...Quick to answer any question by email, open support sessions, open office hours with queues of students, he worked hard to assure students understood, all whilst staying passionate. I'd consult Stephen for a reference, career advice, academic advice, probably life choices advice, above all others."


Dr Ben Challis (Cheshire campus)
"Ben is one of the main reasons I have chosen to pursue my chosen field beyond undergraduate study. He picks up on skills or talents in students that they themselves might not see or place enough value on. He's the type of lecturer that -everyone- respects and you know because you've asked around and nobody can say a bad word about him...I will look back on my University days and remember Ben as one of the defining role models of my career. P.S His cups of tea need work though."


Dr Dyan Colclough (Arts and Humanities)
"Dyan isn't just a colleague on a higher academic rung than us students, she's a wonderful friend to all of us...Dyan is so funny and loveable that her classes are a true privilege to be part of ...there really aren't enough tutors like her. What a rare diamond. Always open minded and willing to explore the unknown, Dyan is a fierce inspiration and, when I do graduate, I'll certainly be taking her words and life lessons with me because I know they'll very be useful in the future."


Jayshree Henry (Education)
"She really does possess the power of making us believe in ourselves. Not many teachers I have ever encountered have that. If anybody has a problem, Jay's door is always open and emails are replied to almost instantly. She truly does stand out against other tutors and I feel she is an asset to the university and should be recognised for all her hard work, dedication and talent in the subject."


WINNER - Chieko Yonezawa (Arts and Humanities)
"Her passion and guiding feedback to us as a class and individuals motivates us to keep trying harder...Chieko always promotes self learning through various fun methods outside class,as well as providing extra content to her Moodle for those who wish to use it. This allows us to improve outside in our own time at the pace we choose. I believe it also important to point out that Chieko has also asked us all about our desire to learn Japanese and goals. She cares deeply about us as individuals, and it shows as she finds ways to help us achieve our goals."



Department of Contemporary Arts (Cheshire campus)
"They treat us with respect and work restlessly to help us through assignments. The bonds that we have made with our lecturers is something that I will never forget and I hope that they are all rewarded endlessly for their hard work and the time that they give for us as students."


Department of English (Arts and Humanities)
"Manchester Metropolitan University's English Department is truly exceptional... They really want each other to succeed and that really rubs off on us students because we start 'bigging each other up' too which makes for a fantastically productive and enthusiastic environment!"


WINNER - Department of Health Professions (HPSC)
"All the lecturers are super knowledgeable and encourage you to do your own research to develop your own ideas outside of university teachings. I can't imagine a better network of teaching and support exists outside of this department as the standard it so high!"



BA (Hons) English (Cheshire campus)
"The lectures are always well structured, comprehensive, insightful and interesting, however, this is outstripped completely by the pure passion and enthusiasm of every single staff member of the English cohort...The passion of the MMU Cheshire lecturers has completely inspired me to the magnitude that my entire life goals have been altered. If that’s not amazing teaching, then I don't know what is."


BSc (Hons) Exercise & Sport Science (Cheshire campus)
"This is a great course with interesting and fun content. The amount of lab time is incredible especially when compared to others and provides a huge advantage over other graduates with the same degree from other universities...All of the lecturers on this course are fantastic and have such a wide base of experience and knowledge working in the sector with ongoing experience."


BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Arts and Humanities)
"I have been welcomed by the graphic design teaching staff with open arms since the day I joined. I am incredibly impressed with their teaching. I feel that they are doing everything within their power to make me a better designer, and to be employed later."


WINNER - BA (Hons) Creative Writing (Cheshire campus)
"After being at somewhat of a crossroads in life, I embarked upon this journey warily, however I am dead certain in the fact that this course, with this group and these tutors is where I belong. We're not a class with students and teachers, we're a family. I wouldn't be the person I am today without this course and these teachers. My skills have improved quickly and vastly and I have a new purpose in life."



Dr Deirdre Duffy (Cheshire campus)
"I feel Deirdre deserves this award as not only has she been the best lecturer we've had so far (in my opinion), but the feedback she has given for assignments have been very thorough and has helped me to improve my writing skills and also my confidence in my writing. She has uploaded some feedback as an audio document which I think is so much more beneficial than typing it."


WINNER - Dr Pete Dale (Cheshire campus)
"Dr. Dale has always provided excellent feedback on submissions to every one of my classmates; this has also always provided in good time according to the University's standards. He goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of student support through the provision of lengthy personal tutorial slots and the allocation of individual development time during lectures (which he uses to provide feedback that is both crucial for development, and encouraging)."



Dr Marilena Antoniadou (Business and Law)
"She clearly cares about all students, and will always say hello and ask how you are. For me personally, throughout my university experience, and especially in my final year, Marilena has been the person I will always go to if I have any issues, require feedback on work and ideas, or just need some reassurance during stressful periods of the year... I am positive that without Marilena at the University, I would not have had such a rewarding and enriching experience during my studies."


Dr Jo Ashby (HPSC)
"She instantly has this way about her which makes you feel like the topic you are doing is really exciting which in turn makes you really enthusiastic about your own project. She is the first person who really made me feel like I was more than capable and that I am academically skilled, which again just made me feel and believe that I am which gave me the support, which I've never had to believe in myself and to do the very best that I can."


Dr Keeley Crockett (Science and Engineering)
"Keeley's focus is not just on you doing a piece of work, but on you as a person. She is always willing to make time to talk about issues in university, personal chats, or discuss future options with you...She is chiefly concerned in my development."


Dr Lisa Oakley (Cheshire campus)
"Dr Oakley has pushed me, challenged me, encouraged me and personally invested in my undergraduate project. She is always available and approachable. Her enthusiasm spurs you on when you feel data is overwhelming. She is an expert in the field of spiritual abuse and I feel honoured to have her input in my project of faith and belief and the self."


WINNER - Dr Zoe Franklin (Cheshire campus)
"Although she is at a much higher level than me, she has always made me feel that it is possible for me to achieve a PhD and whatever else I may wish to gain from life. Zoe goes above and beyond my expectations of a supervisor; I am able to discuss personal matters in depth with her, and she has helped me to become a happier and stronger person because of her diplomatic suggestions."



Dr David Cooper (Cheshire campus)
"David is an exceptional educator and mentor, I will never forget nor take for granted the support that he has given me. I'm hoping to be part of an academic community in the future, and when I supervise my students I hope I do so with wisdom, enthusiasm, patience, humour and kindness. Just like David."


Professor Carol Haigh (HPSC)
"Carol has always encouraged me through constructive criticism, bearing with my slow performance, accepting my discussions and work, always empowering my thoughts and encouraging me to think even more and search even more, recognising that working and studying can be very difficult, looking after my wellbeing by always asking how I am doing with work and studies."


Dr Timothy Jung (Business and Law)
"Timothy provided me with relevant research experience, knowledge, skills and confidence to transfer direct from undergraduate to postgraduate with ease. Timothy is always looking ahead over the 3 years of my PhD program, and involving me in opportunities and projects that will allow me to transfer from a doctoral researcher to an expert academic. Timothy is both motivating and inspiring, and the best postgraduate supervisor."


Dr Oliver Sutcliffe (Science and Engineering)
"Oliver is not a just supervisor; he is my friend, my brother and my teacher... He builds an environment of teamwork and collaboration by reinforcing the importance of workforce as a team. He provides diversity and sensitivity training to help instill those values among team members. and supports me not just in university also outside the university."


WINNER - Dr Sarah Crozier (Business and Law)
"Sarah has been a constant source of support and reassurance in my research project - I can't stress to you enough how important this has been for me...Having a supervisor that is as passionate as you are about your research makes conversations more like a discussion about a shared hobby or interest, not at all like a chore that has to be completed...My passion for academia and research has most certainly been fueled by having such supportive and caring supervision."



Emmanuelle Dirix (Arts and Humanities)
"Emmanuelle is extremely passionate about myself and others under her guidance for their dissertation. She also takes time out of her own schedule to put on 'writers block' sessions twice a week for students to come, sit and get on with work while she is there if we need any assistance. I truly believe that if I did not have Emmanuelle I would not be anywhere near as far into writing my dissertation as I am now."


Dr Rachel Dunk (Science and Engineering)
"Over the last 4 years, Rachel has given me both academic and pastoral support. Rachel’s support is given as foundations to build on, giving her advice and knowledge whilst encouraging me to add my own stamp. Her guidance whilst on placement working as an Environmental Advisor was instrumental in helping me see how economic pressure and environmental management overlap. Rachel’s support through my placement year eventually led to me winning ‘Trainee of The Year’."


Jayshree Henry (Education)
"Jay goes above and beyond her role as senior lecture; she provides great pastoral care and without her I would never have made it this far. No matter how busy she is, she is always there for her students, whenever they need her. Her bubbly and warm personality emulates to each person in the classroom; her quirkiness allows her to truly connect to the students making everyone feel like they belong there. Jay is an inspiration to the next generation of teachers!"


Dr Craig Horner (Arts and Humanities)
"If it hadn't been for Craig's pastoral support, I may have left the course, which would have been a great shame, as I'm enjoying my time at MMU enormously. Craig is an excellent ambassador for the support network available at MMU, which extends beyond academic issues and reaches into all manner of support with other problems."


WINNER - David Heaton (Science and Engineering)
"Dave always goes over and above what is required from a personal tutor. He never quite gives you the answers, instead, he inspires and motivates you with guidance in the right direction, teasing out the information from your own brain...If I ever feel lost or in need of some sound advice after a meeting with Dave I always leave inspired and a clear plan of what needs to be done next is present.".



Dr Helena Kettleborough (Business and Law)
"Helena would always ask her students to provide feedback that she would unreservedly implement into lessons and give us updates...Along with this, Helena uses creative teaching as we brainstorm, draw pictures or diagrams individually or in groups to demonstrate research and academic theories. I believe this has helped immensely for my memory of the subject and assignments or revision for exams."


Dr Ken Parsons (Cheshire campus)
"Ken presents lecture notes on a word document to allow us to follow his discussion of the topic. Whilst we're making notes, he discusses the topics in further detail allowing us to give our own input. Seminars usually consist of a whole group discussion and feedback on worksheets he has previously provided for us...I remember much more information and feel more confident in my knowledge of the subject due to Ken's unique teaching style."


Katharine Pyke (Education)
"New ways of looking at maths and never actually having a wrong or right way of doing it became a new and comfortable concept. Practical lessons within maths and learning new things at my age about things so simple, particularly geometry, was very interesting. Her innovative approach has changed my perception of the subject. For this, I feel I can make my own lessons innovative and begin to enjoy learning and teaching the subject more and more."


Shyamenda Purslow and David Roberts (Business and Law)
"I can honestly say that the Applied Management in Practice module has enabled me to assess my own skills and abilities against my peers and use their input to enhance my own through the use of online discussion forums...I have never experienced such simple but thorough teaching which can have such an impact on me as a person as oppose to just academically."


WINNER - Haydn Insley (Science and Engineering)
"Since Haydn came to MMU the whole course has changed and moved forward completely in terms of design...the innovation in his teaching is making us so much more employable that we ever would have been. He has shown us lots of different ways to get your portfolio out there and onto different industry recognised sights. He is clearly an expert and is applying his real world experience to the course which we are all benefiting from."



FdSc Chemical Science (Science and Engineering)
"This team run the Chemical Science Foundation Degree which is made specifically for apprentices in the industry. They have tailored the course to cover all of the necessary aspects of chemistry that we will need but areas that are important to the industry...They well and truly make sure that we are doing the best we can so that at the end of our apprenticeships we are hopefully above and beyond many other graduates with the knowledge that they have given us."


Claudia Conerney (Arts and Humanities)
"Claudia and her team were a huge help and I feel she has been the only person during my experience of MMU who has taken a true interest and taken up her time to help me. During the summer I'd like to help out with Make A Difference as I think her guidance could help me a lot in gaining experience and understanding what employers need in a fresh graduate. I think she is brilliant and you can tell she takes pride in her job and treats everyone individual not just as a candidate."


WINNER - Dr Dyan Colclough (Arts and Humanities)
"So much useful guidance and opportunity has been given to each of us by Dr Coclough such as: communication, teamwork, presenting, public speaking, and leadership...Always making a strong emphasis on 'what employers will want', Dyan is constantly encouraging us to speak up, giving us enthusiasm, and good humour. Her personality is absolutely perfect for hosting such sessions because she's such a lovely person who is tolerant and non-judgemental."



Tom Finbow (Cheshire campus)
"Tom Finbow promotes sustainability through every session he provides. In the Outdoor Studies course he illustrates how the course practicals can provide sustainability for coaching, teaching and the environment, that will transpire into the students' lives, for our outdoor careers and our everyday lives."


Haleh Moravej (HPSC)
"Haleh devoted an entire term to teaching the core values of sustainability and food production to my fellow students and myself. This was my introduction to the importance of the topic and how we, as society, play an integral role. The innovative and engaging sessions not only informed us of the main issues surrounding global sustainability, but also gave us the tools to take responsibility for our own attitudes towards the topic."


WINNER - Sustainable Production and Consumption (Science and Engineering)
"This unit and the teaching staff draw on a large range of sources including economic, political, social, ethical, and environmental sustainability to really get to grips with what it actually takes to produce a 'sustainable' system. The module also brings in guest lecturers allowing us to see the practical application of theory, and how it has actually impacted in a real life setting."


Find out more about the criteria our judges worked to here.