Teaching Awards 2020 Shortlist

This year, The Union received an incredible 1134 nominations from students.

The shortlists for the Teaching Awards 2020 have been revealed, with all six faculties making it on to this year’s list. (Check below if you just want to see the list).

Join in on The Union’s Twitter page on Tuesday 23 June from 15:00 for the winner’s announcement. All students and staff at Manchester Met are invited if you want to see who’s won. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.


The shortlists:

Teacher of the Year
Dr Christopher Thomas (Arts and Humanities)
Dr Sarah Evans (Education)
Derren Wilson (Arts and Humanities)
Dr Huw Jones (Arts and Humanities)
Garry Diack (HPSC)
Dr Kay Lalor (Business and Law)
Dr Phil Smith (HPSC)

Course of the Year
Step up to social work (HPSC)
BSc (Hons) Mathematics (Science and Engineering)
MSc Human Resource Management With CIPD (Part Time) (Business and Law)
BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship (Business and Law, Science and Engineering and Arts and Humanities)

Department of the Year
Manchester Law School (Business and Law)
Physical Geography (Science and Engineering)
Department of Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability (Business and Law)
Languages, Information and Communications (Arts and Humanities)
MMU Sport

Outstanding Feedback
Melanie Powell (Business and Law)
Dr Anthony Bukowski (Science and Engineering)
Janet Edwards (HPSC)
Dr Matthew Crossley (Science and Engineering)
Sandra Brooks (Business and Law)

Best Personal Tutor
Dr Andrew Stevenson (HPSC)
David Edwards (HPSC)
Dr Konstantinos Tzoulas (Science and Engineering)
Ffion Evans (HPSC)
Amy Brooks (HPSC)
Carol Bonfield (HPSC)
Dr Llwyd Orton (Science and Engineering)

Best Undergraduate Supervisor
Dr Dave Megson (Science and Engineering)
Dr Scott Pedley (Science and Engineering)
Dr Geoff Bunn (HPSC)
Jon Clough (HPSC)
Dr Samuel Larner (Arts and Humanities)

Best Postgraduate Supervisor
Dr Steven Brown (Science and Engineering)
Dr Kathryn Hurlock (Arts and Humanities)
Dr Kirsten Jack (HPSC)
Dr Kathryn Chadwick (Arts and Humanities)
Dr Sarah Parry (HPSC)
Dr Jenny Fisher (HPSC)

Outstanding Innovation in Teaching
Jayne Mechan (Arts and Humanities)
Dr Andrew Parker (HPSC)
Allie Johns (Business and Law)
Haleh Moravej (HPSC)

Outstanding Teaching for Employability
Joe Barber (Education)
Dr Leanne Rimmer (HPSC)
Paul Greenwood (Science and Engineering)
Melanie Powell (Business and Law)

Outstanding Teaching for Sustainability
Julia Jeyacheya (Business and Law)
Nick Hall (Arts and Humanities)
Anna Egan (Business and Law)
Dr Rachel Dunk (Science and Engineering)

Outstanding Commitment to Inclusive Teaching and Learning
Khadijah Diskin (HPSC)
Dr Kathryn Chadwick (Arts and Humanities)
Dr Leanne Rimmer (HPSC)
Dr Georgina Stebbings (Science and Engineering)
Dr Llwyd Orton (Science and Engineering)