Celebrate excellent teaching at Manchester Met

The Union’s Teaching Awards celebrate excellence in teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Each year you nominate the individuals and teams who go out of their way to make your learning experience the best it can be. Share your stories with us to thank the people who you think deserve to be recognised.

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The Categories
Teacher of the Year

Our most prestigious award recognises someone who goes above and beyond to make your experience at university exceptional. This is someone who motivates you, inspires you and makes you feel valued. They will be dedicated, enthusiastic and influential. They will probably make a difference to many students and will encourage you to be the best you can be.

Department of the Year

Your department (also called a school in some faculties) is the area your course sits in, for example if you study Fine Art your department is Art, if you study Forensic Chemistry yours is the School of Science and the Environment.

The department of the year is one that has excelled in all areas of learning and support. Do you know where you need to go for support and advice? Are events and classes well-advertised? Do they put on extra sessions that are really helpful? If your department is friendly and welcoming, well organised and focused on the student experience, you should nominate them for this award.

Course of the Year

Your course is the reason you came to university and could shape your future. Has yours lived up to your expectations or excelled them? Are the team that teach your course inspiring, motivating and innovative? The ‘Course of the Year’ will provide consistently excellent teaching and feedback and provide students with all the support they need to do well.

Outstanding Feedback

This award is for either an individual member of staff or an entire team who consistently provide high quality feedback, in a timely manner. Their feedback will be thorough, constructive, help you to improve and make you feel confident about tackling your next assignment. It could be verbal, written, on Turnitin or Moodle, but will always be encouraging, accessible and useful.

Best Undergraduate Supervisor

A good supervisor can make a massive difference during your time at university. If your supervisor is outstanding, inspirational and encouraging, you might want to nominate them for this award. They will be someone who is supportive but challenging, flexible but guiding and offers excellent support. You will feel like you can reach your goals under their supervision.

Best Postgraduate Supervisor

Your supervisor has a great influence on your study and research. The winner of the ‘Best Postgraduate Supervisor’ will be someone who provides constructive and timely feedback, is approachable, treats you as a peer, cares about your individual needs and encourages your professional development. They will have expertise and passion for the subject and will guide you to expose your full potential.

Best Personal Tutor

Your personal tutor is there to make sure you have everything you need whilst you are studying. The ‘best personal tutor’ is someone who puts your needs first, supports you with different aspects of your life or study and has made a difference to you. They will understand what it’s like to be a student, treat you as an individual and keep you on track.

Outstanding Innovation in Teaching

Is there someone at Manchester Met who does something completely different and innovative when they teach? Do they use a range of approaches and techniques to bring the subject to life? Are they creative, imaginative, humorous or versatile in the way that they teach? If so, this is the award they deserve. An innovative teacher will adapt their teaching methods based on student feedback and will be committed to continuous improvement.

Outstanding Teaching for Employability

This award recognises an individual or team who works hard to prepare you for employment and life in the 'real world'. Have they given you useful guidance? Have they shared their expertise and encouraged you to go for your 'dream job'. Have they promoted extra opportunities such as volunteering, societies, shadowing or the Futures Skills Award? They will have helped you develop as a professional and will have increased your confidence in seeking employment.

Outstanding Teaching for Sustainability

Sustainable teaching can mean lots of different things, so this award is open to your interpretation. You may want to nominate a staff member who promotes sustainable living and our commitment to our environment. There may be a class where you can pass on the subject matter to other students or people in your community, or you may be able to feed in to how your course can be sustained for future years. This award is for someone who is empowering learners of any age, in any education setting, to transform themselves and the society they live in.

Find out more about the criteria our judges will be working to here.

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