Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union

Your Ideas

The Union is a member-led organisation - and every MMU student is a member of The Union. Any MMU student can submit an idea to us using our online submission system below, and discuss ideas other students have submitted.

These might be ideas about how The Union can better serve its students, or how we can lobby for change at the University on your behalf.

We aim to respond to every idea within three weeks of receiving it. In most cases, we'll also publish your idea on the submission page and let the wider student body informally vote and comment on it. If you interact with an idea someone else has submitted, we might e-mail you at a later date to let you know how the idea has progressed.

Clicking the link below will take you to the system, where you can vote or comment on other ideas, or submit your own. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

Please note all submissions are moderated - this means they won't appear immediately on our website until they have been reviewed. We will write to you as soon as your idea is live on our website.

Privacy Notice

When you submit an idea or vote on an idea using this system, The Union will collect some personal information from you. This includes your full name as shown on your official university record, your preferred e-mail address on your student account and your university ID number. This is all information that The Union and University hold already by virtue of your being a student. However, when you use the idea submission system, we may contact you with more information about the idea you submitted/voted upon to keep you up to date with what The Union is doing about that idea or the subject matter it relates to.

If you would prefer that we not contact you, please write to to opt out. Please note that if you have submited an idea and want to opt out of having your information used, we will have to delete the idea from our website and it may no longer be considered.

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