Unfortunately, there is not a lot of short-term money or quick access money available to students. As such it is important to start dealing with any potential financial problem as early as possible – before you run out.


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If you have tried everything else and it is clear that you have insufficient money, you can apply to the University’s Access to Learning Fund. Awards are discretionary and will depend on your circumstances. Access to Learning Fund awards do not have to be repaid.

Be mindful of deadlines which can be found here. Final year and postgraduate deadlines are typically set at the end of the second term and all other years a few weeks later.

Most full-time students will not qualify for welfare benefits for the whole of their course.




There are exceptions to this rule and you should get advice about your entitlement if you:

  • Have children

  • Are sick or disabled

  • Receive a Disabled Students Allowance because you are deaf

  • Are under 19 and taking an Art Foundation course

  • Are over pension age.



You may be able to apply for extra help from educational trusts and charities. This can be a time consuming and fairly slow process but a number of students achieve successful outcomes. Charities and trusts will often only help specific groups. For example, they may be restricted to helping students on certain courses, above or below a certain age, from particular parts of Britain, or in defined occupations/professions.



You may also be eligible for an academic achievement bursary. This is an additional bursary for students joining MMU with AAB grades or equivalent. See the MMU website for details or telephone the admissions department on 0161 247 6969.