I’m the Manager at the Advice Centre and I love working with a great team who are all dedicated to helping students and making a positive difference to people’s lives. I used to work at the Citizens Advice Bureau and was a Welfare Officer when I studied at York University. I then joined the Advice Centre in 2002 as an adviser, became the Deputy Manager in 2006 and Manager in 2009.


I’ve been working for The Union in various roles since I was a student at MMU. I quickly realised advice work is incredibly rewarding so I volunteered at my local Citizens Advice Bureau to gain valuable experience before returning to The Union. I am Deputy Manager at the Advice Centre and offer advice and support to students and advisers. I have worked here for ten years and as we see students from all around the world, every day is different.


I’ve been an Adviser with The Advice Centre since 2006. I got involved in the Welfare and Liberation sides of my Student Union while at university and the rest is history. I enjoy that I am able to work as a generalist adviser and advise on the whole range of issues students come to us with.


I am an Adviser and I have worked at The Union for seven years. My favourite area of advice is housing and I first became involved in advising students on their housing rights when I starting working for Manchester Student Homes back in 2002.


I have worked as an Adviser in the Advice Centre since 2011. I enjoy my role enormously as you often get to make a tangible difference to students’ lives. In the more complex cases, you get to go on a real journey with the student, gaining their trust and often producing a positive outcome together. It can be immensely rewarding.

Anne - Marie

Before joining the Union I've worked at several charities, mostly delivering support and advice around housing and homelessness. University can sometimes be difficult and how to move forwards can be confusing. I really enjoy supporting students understand their rights and options so that they can get on with enjoying things and succeeding.


Hello, I’m Tom, one the advisers here at the Advice Centre. Prior to this, I worked for various homeless and housing charities providing support and advice. If you are experiencing any issues or are unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.