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The BAME Ambassador Scheme is a student-led collaboration between The Union and the University which aims to improve student experience and close the awarding gap for Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) students.
Our project is led by BAME Ambassadors who develop and deliver campaigns and events for students related to the BAME student caucuses, as well as linking with university staff and the Union to feedback students’ views to influence positive change on campus.



As way of background, the BAME Ambassador Scheme builds on the success of the Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassador Project. The scheme is part of the wider Inclusive Learning Communities Project, a 4-year strategic project for our MMU for systematic changes towards inclusion. The Inclusive Learning Communities Project will change the way BAME and First Generation students’ experiences are included in our teaching practices, in order to increase their sense of belonging to our university.

The BAME Ambassador Scheme aims to improve student experience BAME academic outcomes through a series of student-led initiatives and engagement. The BAME Ambassadors work with the identified student groups to better understand the challenges they face and to co-create and deliver activities to improve student success

The objectives for the project are:
+ Safe spaces: create safe spaces to have a dialogue on inclusive learning and teaching environments
+ Belonging: increase students’ sense of belonging and build meaningful relationships between students and between staff and students through the development of internal and external networks
+ Empowerment: empower students to tackle the negative effects of stereotyping and micro-aggressions and safely challenge forms of discrimination on campus
+ Representation: allow students to make their own change and influencing key decision makers in the University through campaigning and other representative functions



All students are welcome to get involved in events or campaigning! If you are a student and are interested in getting involved please contact Shaub at 

Black History Month Events