It's OK To Talk
2nd May 5pm - 7pm
Conference Suite
It’s OK to talk about mental health, so we’ve arranged a meet-up at The Union where everyone is welcome.
MMU Platform Sessions: Sacha Lord-Marchionne
12th May 7:30pm - 10pm
Main Hall, The Union
Platform Sessions aim to inspire and motivate, inviting successful figures from different areas of study to speak about their unique career journeys.
Teaching Awards
16th May 6pm - 8:30pm
The Teaching Awards celebrate excellent teaching at Manchester Met.
Sports Awards Ball
24th May 5:45pm - 25th May 3am
Main Hall
The biggest sport celebration of the year with guest performances, awards and tonnes more.
Great Manchester Run
28th May 10am - 5pm
The Union, Manchester
More than 420 staff, students and graduates have already signed up and will form an incredible orange wave at the start line, with events at The Union before and after the race.


Giant Mandala drawing sessions
2nd May 10am - 5pm
Student Zone
Mandalas are spiritual symbols from Buddhism and Hinduism; these beautiful and detailed patterns are easy to get lost in, distracting from stress.
Guide Dogs UK
2nd May 11am - 1pm
MMU Old Gym
For a small donation you can hang out with some incredibly talented and adorable guide dogs.
Mr Whippy Ice-cream Van
2nd May noon - 4pm
On campus
Cool down with an classic ice cream and take a break with a flake in front of the Student Zone!
MetMUnch Pedal Power
3rd May 11am - 4th May 3pm
Student Zone
MetMUnch will be getting you to use pedal power in the pursuit of happiness and well being on its smoothie bike. You can also learn about how to get creative with your breakfast and make easy morning oats.
Gladiator Joust Inflatable
3rd May noon - 4pm
On Campus
Enjoy a high adrenaline game using a combination of balance, skill, and coordination using only the large pugil stick to defend yourself and knock your opponent off their podium.
Iyengar Yoga Workshop
4th May 6:30pm - 8pm
Sports Hall
Relax and rejuvenate with a music meditation class using yoga nidra; this kind of yoga teaches concentration as you focus in on your inner world.
The Pursuit of Happyness
5th May 6pm - 9pm
Student Zone
Wind down at the end of the week with this inspiring drama about one man’s endurance, hardship and determination.
17th May 5pm - 18th May 8:30pm
This is the event where all things MMU Cheshire related are celebrated; from elections to clubs and societies with awards given to recognise individual and group achievements.



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