Student Led Projects



What is Make a Change?


The Union supports students like you to make the changes you want to see across campus, in your local area and further afield. Whether you want to work on a project for change, organise an activity to make Manchester a better place to live or just have an idea you want to share – we can help.


Have an idea?


The first step is to submit an idea through the form below, including as much detail as you can. A member of our team will get in touch to meet with you, discuss the idea and work out an action plan with a timescale, which works for you. You’ll be supported throughout the whole process with resources, staff support and where applicable, financial support.


The Union supports student-led projects that enrich the experiences of other MMU students.
This could be in one of two ways:

  • A campaign or project addressing an issue MMU students face and improving their experience
  • A project offering an enriching experience to students such as a volunteering role or an opportunity to gain skills and meet friends through an activity


How to start a student led project:


Step One:
Think of an idea and submit it following the button below. Any questions regarding the form the please email:



Step Two:
Have an initial chat with the Union-Led Projects Coordinator about your idea. They'll help you understand if your project is viable and what support you might need as well as what the scope of the project might be.



Step Three:
Decide how many Project Leads there will be and who they are.



Step Four:
Complete the Project Toolkit.



Step Five:
Submit a Project Plan, Risk Assessment and Budget Plan to the Union-Led Projects Coordinator.



Step Six:
If these documents are all approved we'll be able to launch the project and support you along the way.



Submit an idea for change


How can The Union help?


  • Promotion: You can promote your project on The Union’s Instagram or via a blog post on our website. There may also be in-person promotion opportunities such as a stall in The Union’s reception.

  • Volunteer support: Volunteers should be recruited through our online volunteer portal, we can help you write role descriptions and application forms. These volunteers will be Union volunteers so they'll be covered by our insurance and policies (this is why the project must be risk assessed). We can also help with training and support for the volunteers in their roles.

  • Marketing Materials: We could support you with creating materials such as graphics, leaflet design or video creation.

  • Budget: We can supply regular funding for S-L Projects, perhaps for costs like training and materials. This funding must be in line with our charitable objectives, cost-effective and legal. We’ll want to see a convincing budget before giving money to a project, please wait for approval before spending money you expect to get back.

  • Other Resources: You may be able to use space in the building for meetings and events, or borrow resources such as cameras, games, craft materials and light and sound equipment.

  • Support and Guidance: Looking for advice on charity partners, fundraising, who’s who at the University, or simply a bit of moral support? We can help with that too.

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