Are you looking for a job where you get to make a real difference for students at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)? Being a Student Officer at The Union means that you will be at the heart of representing the needs and interests of over 38,000 students at MMU. This is a full-time role, so you will either need to take a sabbatical (during your studies) or as a graduate opportunity (after your studies) and you will receive around £19,000 P.A.

If running for a position is not for you, then make sure you vote – have your say and make sure what matters to you is addressed by The Union and the University.


Make students' lives better


As a student officer you'll get to improve the lives of our students and work on campaigns that make a difference. The roles last for a full academic year, are essentially a full-time job with a salary on a par with many graduate jobs. You'll be supported every step of the way by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff, in a vibrant, ever-changing work environment. 


Turn ideas into reality


If you've ever had an idea on how to make your university experience even better, this role gives you the opportunity to develop and implement them. You will lead and influence where The Union goes, implementing ideas and running campaigns that will make real positive changes for students.  


Be at the heart of decision-making


All of these roles give you the opportunity to access high-level committee meetings and decision makers within the University who are setting the direction of the institution. The changes you can make will range from the food and drink available on campus, exam times to investment in the support services for students. You'll play a crucial role in ensuring that these decision-makers understand what matters to students, and that student needs and opinions are taken into account for all decisions. What’s more, you won’t have to do this alone, you'll be supported and assisted by Students’ Union staff and resources throughout.


Kick start your career


Start your career at the top of the ladder by becoming a director of The Union and trustee of the charity. Your work will range from public speaking to chairing meetings, campaign planning and organizing, as well as having access to a wealth of opportunities to gain experience that's not easily available elsewhere. It's becoming increasingly essential for you to show that you have a good level of prior work experience and our officers often go on to fantastic careers. Many organisations actively seek out Students' Union officers for recruitment.


Experience the most challenging, fun and rewarding year of your life.


Every day and role is different – what starts with some intense teambuilding and training, then leads head on into Welcome Week. In between you could be issuing grants, organising a new varsity, appointing the new Chancellor and emerging at the end with the Grad Ball.