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Here you can find information about the 2021 elections, both for those who want to run as Student Officer candidates and students looking to place their vote.


For questions about the 2021 elections, please email: s.u.elections@mmu.ac.uk



Nominations have now closed. Voting is now closed. Results have now been announced.

About Elections

Election 101


Elections run during Term 2 every year where students can elect their new Student Officer team as well as NUS Delegates. Each role has a different purpose in all areas of student life and are elected entirely by students. Candidates will run campaigns and submit manifestos with their aims for if they were to be elected.

Who can run?


Any student studying at Manchester Met can run for any of the positions. This includes international students, student who are carers, distance learning students and postgraduate students. If you have any queries about running you can contact: s.u.elections@mmu.ac.uk

Why run?


Running for one of the elected positions will give you the chance to make your voice heard and represent Man Met students in all areas of student life that matter to you.













Key Dates for the Elections

  • Nominations close: Sun 28 Feb
  • Manifesto deadline: Fri 5 March
  • Campaigning is allowed to start: Mon 8 March
  • Voting: 12 - 18 March
  • Results Night: Thurs 18 March


2021 Student Officer Election Winners

Leticia Nicole Jones




Hanifa Maryam 

Education Officer  




Zoe Sutton 

Wellbeing Officer 




Cynan Orton

Societies and Development Officer





Fabienne Robertson-Barnett 

Sports Officer 





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