Committee Resources



Five Step Process for Purchasing

The Union has to make sure that all suppliers that we use are properly registered and paying any relevant taxes to HMRC — this process makes sure we can do that.

How to complete a purchase order

This will show you how to authorise payments directly out of your society account. Please also refer to the 'five step process for purchasing' when completing Purchase Orders.

Instructor Guidance

This guide is the steps required to hire an instructor for your society. It applies whether the instructor is being paid or not. It will keep you and your members safe and ensure you're working within best practice and the law.

New supplier form

Please ask your new supplier to fill out this form


Societies Development Grant Information 2020-21

The Union wants societies to grow and develop — so there's a dedicated pot of money that societies can bit for throughout the year to support their activities.

Application form


Budget Template

Use this budget template to help you budget for your activities.

Contract for services

If you get anyone to do work for your society, this is the contract that you need to give them — for example, if someone creates a logo for you or works an event. 

Expenditure Form

Fill in this form if you’ve bought something for your society and want to reclaim the money from your society account. Don’t forget you’ll need two signatories to sign it off and you always need to attach the receipt. See the ‘finance for societies’ training for more guidance.

Finance for societies

This training will teach you how to use the money in your society account and keep on track of your finances. 




Risk Assessment Template

Risk assessment document to be completed for one-off activities.

Accident Report Form

 This form is for any accident which happens whilst you are undertaking society activity. Please refer to the Risk Assessment Training for more information.


This document tells you what you're insured for and who's insured 

Risk assessment training

 As a committee member of a student group, you will be running events and activities for your members. This training module will help you to understand your responsibilities relating to health and safety.

Risk Assessment Hazard Checklist

This document is a handy guide to help you write a risk assessment for activities your student group and highlights some of the hazards you need to be aware of.




Societies Online Event Handbook

This guide is intended as a supporting tool to provide Society Committee members with information about different platforms and ideas for online activities to put on for members of their society.

Events Booking Form

Looking to hold a large scale event in our Main Hall? Get started by filling in the details on this form and we’ll get back to you to arrange a meeting to discuss costs, availability and logistics.

Trip form

Fill this in if you're going on a significant trip that might include one (or more) of these things: an over night stay, is abroad, more than 20 people or a high-risk activity

The Societies Logo

Use this for the image on your event listings.




Volunteer Hours Guidance

Guidance for registering as a volunteer and how to count your hours.

Sustainability guidance for clubs

A guide how to make sure your club has the least impact on the environment possible.

Sustainability guidance for societies

A guide how to make sure your society has the least impact on the environment possible.

How to manage your society webpage

How to use the Union Cloud system to edit your group logo, membership types, add events, and communicate to your members. 

GDPR training

As a committee member, you will have a responsibility to protect the data of your members. Here's ho wto do that in compliance with GDPR.

Chair Role Description

The chair is the figurehead and leader of the society. They are responsible for setting goals and objectives, managing the committee and overseeing all corresponding activity.

Treasurer Role Description

It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to handle a society’s finances, sign off on purchases and budget. They need to know exactly where society finances stand throughout the year and be able to plan accordingly.

Secretary Role Description

The secretary is the backbone of a society and ensures that everything runs smoothly. The secretary keeps the society organised, takes minutes and works with the rest of the committee to carry out the major tasks of the society.

Committee Handover Template

A template to make sure you capture the key details to hand over to new committee members.