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10 Podcasts for your commute

Monday 21-01-2019 - 10:15

Commuting is hardly the thing you look forward to first thing in the morning, but instead of sitting on the train loathing the dead time, here is 10 podcasts that will make you wish your commute was longer.

Reply All
Described as a show about the internet, Reply All brings you stories that range from bizarre to heart breaking. Hosted by journalists Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt, you learn something new every episode and will lose yourself in the situations they get themselves in.

You’ll also probably download a password manager pretty quick after listening to ‘The Snapchat Thief’.

Serial (Season 1)
The murder of Hae Min Lee and the potentially wrongful conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed has been downloaded over 80 million times. The gateway podcast which will get you hooked, Serial is a true crime podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig (who has one of the best voices) – it’s a gripping documentary for your ears and will keep you on the edge of your train seat listening to the story unfold.

The High Low
Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes talk all things news and pop culture, with an anecdote thrown in here and there. The two openly posh girls breeze through topics with facts and funny, and is guaranteed to make you feel in the know about the week just gone.

Stuff You Should Know
Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant take complex topics and explains them in an informative yet still hilarious way. You learn fun facts for parties, from how airbags work to the truth about Dr Seuss, but ultimately learn to love the chemistry and banter between Josh and Chuck.

Table Manners
Recorded at her own dinner table, Jessie Ware chats to celebs over food as if she is just having a catch up with an old friend – episodes have featured the likes of Stacey Dooley, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.

Joined by her own mother as co-host, Jessie and Lennie have a genuine chemistry, which makes for a unique celebrity interview podcast.

The Guilty Feminist
I’m a feminist but… you need a good podcast about how hard it is to be one. Deborah Frances-White created a podcast about just that – covering topics from being bossy to repeal the 8th. With a diverse range of guests, this podcast covers the limits and contradictions of being a 21st century feminist.

Cariad Lloyd chatting to comedians about death – sounds a bit bleak, doesn’t it. In fact, you get a moving yet funny conversation about dealing with loss whilst still being able to laugh.

It’s dedicated to every parent, grandparent, friend or dog who has gone, because the podcast wouldn’t exist without them.

How Did This Get Made?
Have you ever seen a film so bad you wondered how this got made? This podcast doesn’t quite look into that, but it does try to unpick and analyse some of the worst films ever made.

For a first listen, make sure you pick a film you’ve seen to truly enjoy the experience. The show has reviewed rotten classics such as The Room, The Twilight Saga and Fast and Furious.

The Adam Buxton Podcast
Adam Buxton, with his homemade jingles and ad breaks; it’s a joy to listen from the start. Each episode features a ramble chat with a different famous person, including at least three hysterical episodes with his old friend Louis Theroux.

If the conversations with celebs don’t get you, at least try for the conversation Adam has with his dog at the start of each episode.

All Killa No Filla
If you want a no nonsense, straight to the point podcast this is not the one for you. Rachel and Kiri are obsessed with serial killers, and give you the lowdown of some of the most famous and some you may not have heard of. Surrounding the gory tales of serial killers is tangents galore of strange references and funny anecdotes making this probably the funniest podcast on the grimmest topic.



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