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2020, you're giving me mixed feelings

Wednesday 22-04-2020 - 14:30

Written by Sport Officer, Ross Sharman. 


2020 is shaping up to be one of the toughest years this generation will face and in these uncertain times it’s important we stay strong and come together. Most of us won’t have faced anything like this before and with that brings a real challenge, but with all tough times they will be overcome and in time they will pass. Your generation is strong — concentrating on the positives is key, we’re aiming for a comeback. Whether it be in the sporting world or return to normal life, everyone loves a comeback, and after all this we will be known as the biggest comeback kids of all time.


I was totally up for all my selfies around the world featuring the line ‘2020 you so fine’ but at the moment, it doesn’t read so exciting from my living room. Everyone is being hit hard by the current situation and in so many different ways but it’s important to remember that everyone is being affected.


However, we can find positives in this, I believe the world will be a more caring, a more considerate and a more understanding place after this passes. We will learn to stop fighting each other and fight the things that affect all of us.


I, like many people, have experienced big losses this year — from my role as Sports Officer ending like this, with so many projects and plans cancelled, to personal losses and mental health issues. It’s been mighty tough. So I get it, I really do. Right now, I might describe 2020 in an array of expletives but here’s why I’m changing my vibe.


The pandemic has brought so many people together: families, friends, neighbours, colleagues looking out for each other, arranging online catch ups, and more importantly having the time to check in on one another. The amount of good deeds has been incredible, lockdown creates loneliness and worry, but here we are doing every single thing we can to remedy that. A lot of people whinge about this generation being on social media too much, well thank god it exists as it’s being used to it’s real potential right now. We are learning new skills and having time to recuperate and rest.


The world is repairing! The amount of pollution and damage to the planet is reducing insanely. It’s breathing again and this shows we don’t have to hammer it so hard. It’s the greenest we’ve been in 20 years. Animal populations are on the bounce — African black rhinos, sea turtles, humpback and giant whales population are increasing, some by 980% (Now that’s nearly as good as my 1st year Uni results). Also, pandas have finally been given some alone time and are having fun, if you know what I mean.


Disney+ launched in the UK and isolation is a lot easier with Buzz and Woody around. Tiger King graced our Netflix screens — things are tough right now but we can take a positive knowing that we aren’t quite Exotic. People are appreciating the small things and learning to adapt, when it’s all over we will lead much more fulfilled lives.


2020 is hard, it’s disappointing and filled with uncertainty but one thing — it isn’t is unbeatable. I am so proud of our students and how they have responded to all the problems they’ve had thrown at them, and what I’m seeing you guys achieve is inspiring. It’s been an honour to be associated with you all as your Sport Officer and we will all achieve that comeback. In this difficult time, remember people are here for you, things will get better and look for the best ways to get through this.


One thing can be certain and that for once, every single person on this planet is together in this fight, experiencing the same thing. It’s never goodbye, it’s always see you later and we aren’t done yet.


Stay safe, keep checking in on each other and don’t give up hope. I'll leave you with a quote: “Heroism doesn’t always happen in a burst of glory. Sometimes small triumphs and large hearts change the course of history.”


Ross Sharman, Your Sheriff.


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