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Tuesday 17-07-2018 - 17:44

Moving to Manchester has been an experience and a half. There's a real sense of diversity running through the city's streets and a feeling that, whatever you're into, there's a scene here for you.


There’s history around every corner

As you wander the streets here, you look up at buildings, look down at crumbling pavements, and walk through museums wondering where it came from, who made it, and why they made it – being in a city so steeped in history is a dream. You can sit in the library where Karl Marx wrote the communist manifesto, you can get a tour around Old Trafford, or you can even see a real T. Rex skeleton in the Manchester Museum. If history interests you, you’ll never be bored in Manchester.


Manchester is multicultural

If you look up the word ‘multicultural’ in the dictionary, you’ll find a small map pointing towards Manchester. With places like the Curry Mile, food markets in the city center, and our very own Chinatown, is there any surprise that there’s an abundance of different cultures here. The varying faiths, foods, and festivals truly add to the city and make Manchester a mature, and modern city which is a delight to live in.


There really isn’t that much rain

Contrary to popular belief that you’ll “need a brolly” or that you’d better “wrap up warm” I definitely didn't feel the full force of the Mancunian weather in my first term. You’d definitely wish for an extra layer when you’re walking home at 2am though.


MMU and UoM hate each other

There’s friendly competition between the two institutions which results in amicable mockery between students. You only need to go on Yik Yak to understand how deep the rivalry runs between Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester. There are Yak’s about the complexity of courses and the location of halls, and Salford University sits on the side lines as the odd student makes a joke just so they aren’t forgotten.


There’s a venue for every genre of music, and a clothes store to go with it

You could like the world’s smallest band and the chances are, if they’re doing a UK tour, they’ll be doing a gig in Manchester so you’re never going to miss out. We all know that fashion and music go hand in hand so the clothes you wear to the grubby pubs bashing shoulders with fellow concert goers, are almost as important as knowing the lyrics to the songs being pumped into said-pub. From Abercrombie to Affleck’s, Miss Selfridges to market stalls, and Topshop to thrift shops; whatever you wear, you can find it in Manchester. Take that London!



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