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A journey through Manchester Met - Ruhena Begum

Tuesday 07-08-2018 - 17:45
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Ruhena studied BA (Hons) English and Creative she shares her journey through MMU.


‘‘What do you see yourself doing in the future?’’

This question has been asked several times to college students, yet some of us still can’t manage to figure out the clear answer to this repetitive question. Manchester Met is one of the places where you can finally learn the answer to this question, well obviously after a few years of crazy deadlines and excruciating 9am starts! But all that work will definitely pay off when you are taking a proud selfie in your graduation hat and posting it on Snapchat or Instagram!



As Rihanna would say, it’s not all, ‘’work, work, work, work, work, work’’

I am stuck with the same theory of the majority of the population, assuming university is all about work. Yes most of it is, though there are also good sides to it. Making the transition from college or work into university can be a big cultural shock. It can be a hard task for students to get to grips with the way our university differs from college. Like everything else in life, preparation will be very useful! Is asking for advice a crime? Don’t be afraid to ask other students or even family members for advice; attending university is an exciting and important step of your life and talking to loved ones about your worries regarding the transition will definitely ease any stress off you. Having more knowledge on the differences between university and college will benefit you as you will be entering a new world being well prepared for any challenges that you might face.


‘‘It's just too different’’

Starting anything new and important like university will have a different impact on each student. The majority of the time this is typically linked to adjusting to new teaching methods; the methods that are used at our university are completely different to college, but do not let that scare you off! This is all normal. It is part of growing up and gaining skills that will help you significantly in the future. It may be difficult for certain students, as it is harder for some people to adapt quickly. However, determination is a key factor of this as university level includes independent learning; it is your responsibility to manage your workload and to meet deadlines. This requires self-motivation and dedication. Going through the transition can be stressful in an academic environment, which is why it is very important to know what to expect. Our university is very supportive, understands how difficult it can be for some students, and offers learning advisors to help you through any academic challenges. It is very important to know that our university would never leave you feeling isolated. No matter what the problem is, our learning advisors at Manchester Met will always be here to help you through anything that is affecting you.


“Hey! I can turn on a cooker!’’

One of the biggest advantages of attending university is gaining lifelong skills throughout your years of study. When you were studying at college or school, could you imagine checking through bank statements and handling your finances? Starting university comes with a variety of skills, gaining the knowledge of day-to-day basics such as how to book a doctor’s appointment, budgeting and using a washing machine, along with finding out who you are and what you want to become. Let’s not forget the ‘uni life experience’; there are so many fun memories you gain through your transition, such as socialising. Meeting new people is what makes university. You start to see differently in life, as there is a diverse cultural and ethnic population at our university. The students’ union offers a range of societies that you can join to gain experience and socialise, and this is a good opportunity to take on, as it looks great on your CV and in job interviews. The nightlife at university is one of the popular social experiences. Our university is close to many great places for socialising, including Deansgate Locks. This is another great factor about university and there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself after working hard for a deadline! However, it is very important to balance your social life with your academic life. If you have a lot of work to do, be wise and go out another time! You have many chances to socialise but you only have once chance to meet a deadline!


The key to success…

The change through university is a beautiful thing and is one of the most important steps in your life. It shows what you are truly capable of and it is as if, when you transition through university, you find who you really are. I believe when you transition through university it changes parts of you that help you to learn how to cope with difficult situations, which prepares you for your future and makes you realise what you truly can accomplish. Of course university can be a struggle, however when you go further in life, things are expected to become harder. It is a challenge about bettering yourself in order to achieve future goals, which motivates you to succeed. I hope your transition through Manchester Metropolitan University is satisfying and self-enriching, and can finally leave you knowing the answer to the repetitive question, ‘‘what do you see yourself doing in the future?’’


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