Beating the blues: tips to see you through

Monday 23-07-2018 - 10:08
Beat blues

The fun of Welcome Week is coming to an end, and the hard work is about to begin.  It’s easy to feel a bit down or overwhelmed at this stage, so we’ve pulled together some small bits of advice to help see you through.


Mo' money, mo' problems

You might be living independently for the first time, balancing commitments or commuting to uni — so it’s natural to worry a little bit about money.

- You can check out some part time jobs at the Careers Hub

- There are copious budget trackers available online and offline that can help set daily amounts and monitor spending – so set yourself budgets and try to stick to them.

- If you are really worried about debt, money or have any queries about funding, the Advice Centre can help with all sorts of issues.


Work hard, play hard

Coming to uni can be a whole new experience in learning and organising your time, and it can be difficult to get the balance right if it’s a new experience or if you are adapting to a new lifestyle.  

- First of all, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It's a brand new experience. 

- Check out our guide to help you prepare for what’s in store, or explore the university welcome pages to get more ideas of what you can expect in the first few weeks.

- There are Student Support Officers available who can provide pastoral and studying advice if you need it. 


Beat the blues

Ned Stark was right…winter is coming. As the nights get darker, the days get shorter and your studies increase, it’s easy to feel down and out, or maybe a bit homesick.

- One of our lovely students Maria shared her best hints and tips with us on how to get hygge and beat the blues. 

- Get involved with free sports, join a club or society and keep yourself occupied – you’ll meet new people and it’s the ideal way to take a break from studying. Check out the free Active Campus sessions or check out our list of clubs and societies.

- Don’t drink away your problems – alcohol is a depressant and hangxiety isn’t fun (hangover + anxiety)

- Try to stay organised and set yourself a routine – the structure will help you stay focused

- Talk to someone – talk to people outside your flat, a trusted friend, counselling services or your doctor.


And remember, be kind to yourself

It’s easy to beat yourself up for not living up to expectations of what your first few weeks at university should be like – try not to be so hard on yourself.

Eat well and look after yourself – student initiative MetMUnch have some delicious and nutritious recipes online you can check out and try.

You are doing your best. This may be a totally new experience for you or you might have other commitments, but it’s OK to talk if you are struggling.


Useful links:

Samaritans  -

Campus services -

Advice Centre  -

Disability Services -

Student Minds -






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