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Best ways to travel around MCR during a pandemic

Monday 17-08-2020 - 12:37

We’re not trying to be anti-social, this article is just written to help you avoid other humans whilst travelling around Manchester. By keeping away from crowded public transport, it’ll help reduce the risk of coronavirus to you and others around you. We completely understand that sometimes journeys on buses, trains and trams are unavoidable, so skip to the end to pick up some tips on staying safe in those situations. Keen to find out other ways of getting around though? Here goes:


Cycling is a great way of keeping fit and travelling without needing to mix with other people on public transport. (Again, not being rude, just careful). You can pick up a perfectly good bike, in full working order for 50% less than the price they’re going for in the shops, by getting a refurbished one. Try CERA Cycloan in Stockport whose bikes help to support long-term unemployed people and apprentices.


During the earlier stages of lockdown, cycling soared. Cycle-to-work schemes grew by 200% in the emergency services, Halfords saw bike sales rise 57.1% while Wiggle’s bike sales grew by 192%. 50% more electric bikes were sold in April and stories of people cycling to work for the first time were everywhere. Meanwhile in April, car sales plunged 97% on last year and car journeys dropped by as much as 80%. Now, however, people are jumping back in their cars, sales are up, and the roads are busy again. Of course, we knew some of this would be temporary but we now know that quieter, safer roads can - and do! - increase cycling. With the climate crisis looming and evidence suggesting air pollution worsens Coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to invest in cycling infrastructure. Why not email your MP about it today? 🚲

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They’re more expensive than a good old pushbike, but electric bikes are undoubtably an easier and quicker way to get around town. If you’re thinking of buying one and want to try them out first, you could hire one for a few days from Manchester Bike Hire. Again, it’s not cheap but could be worth it if you’re putting loads of miles in.



If cycling isn’t your bag, you could try getting around on a scooter. Pick one up from Halfords, Decathlon or Facebook Marketplace (we love a bargain).



Give yourself a bit more time to get to campus and walk there! Walking isn’t only good for your wellbeing and mental health, it’s also a great way to get to know Manchester. Why not try one of these self-guided Manchester tours to get familiar with the city’s streets? If you’re a new student, there’s a handy ‘Manchester Introduction’ walk which you could try with your new housemates.


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Using public transport is hard to avoid if you’ve got to take a longer journey around Manchester and you don’t have your own car or bike. By travelling at quieter times (say between 10:00-14:00), wearing a mask and using hand sanitiser, you can reduce the risk to yourself and others around you.



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